Yunihanj Stormhoof is among the last of the Holy Striders, and elder of the Tauren camp of Wikeeopeyata. Unlike many striders, he lives plainly and readily accessible when he chooses.

Yunihanj has a young son “Wiyuh” whom he has started to train to replace him when he dies. Yunihanj has had some communications with the ‘greenskins’, the orcs , on behalf of Cairne when Perith is occupied with more urgent tasks.

One such encounter involved the Shaman council of the orcs which is how Fenris knew of him (by his close relationship with Lohn’gosh).

Fenris calls on Yunihanj to help them get back to Orgrimmar and warns him about the Centaur. Using his elemental magic, the earth senses the coming of an army of centaur and sends them with his son. Normally the gift of folding the earth can only apply to the Strider but using some of his blood, entreats the earth mother to have mercy.

Wiyuh is able to traverse the distance to Orgrimmar in the space of an afternoon. Yunihanj and the Tauren of Wikeeopeyata die slowing the centaur forces long enough for a warning to reach Cairne.

His sacrifice, along with the help of Rallys and Guldanna to stop Klass, sets events in motion leading a formal treaty with the united tribes of the Tauren nation and Thrall’s New Horde.

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