Something Wicked This Way Comes

WW Page 18

Xiaoyin’s right hand has a tattoo seared into it of a Pandaren word (Chinese for forbidden).
At this time, I’m not sure whether the origin of the mark is from his exile from the Shado-Pan for practicing the forbidden arts or if it is the result of pursuing them.

His two assistants, whom he refers to as Pumyei and Shintao, are goblins from the Undermine – shadow priests. They may be referred to as tinkermages but their craft is more toward the darker workings of things. They have become disciples of Xiaoyin and learned some of his golden fel-magic. Apparently, he has also learned a bit of mind control from them.

Pumyei means ‘extinguish’ and Shintao is ‘snare’. Their actual goblin names are Vetz and Torbs.

I wanted to show Xiaoyin’s other face in that he can be dangerously charming, even aloof to put others off balance. As we will see, under the surface he is serious, ruthless, and very focused on his goals.

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