WW Page 10

We finally begin to see how life in Dalaran has changed since 5.2-5.4 with the Divine Bell Incident. The Horde are under strict limitations in the city which has taxed the guards, even opening the possibility as we will see, to be bribed in less savory quarters. Kirin Tor Peacekeepers have overseen the Horde compound with a token Horde guard presence. The Horde is grudgingly viewed as useful in light of the unilateral Legion attacks. Khadgar and others favorable to working with the Horde are at odds with others on the council, the most influential being Jaina.

This scene explained how Jaina seemingly broke away once Khadgar introduces the Horde player in Legion. My goal was to offer a continuation of those fires burning in her that lead to a final break at the start of 7.0.
She also references some research that Khadgar has been working on – the discovery of a strange fragments of a Legion crystal that fell from the sky.

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