Currently, I’m on Bleeding Hollow and this is a nexus for all my graphic novels and media work.

Completed Works

  • Shadows of the Legion (06/2016)
  • Origins of the Ironwolf Clan – a Children’s Story (12/2016)
  • Zuggy’s Big Adventure (2017)
  • The Wonder Works (02/2018)

Works In Progress

  • Grimoire of Glorious Gastronomy (Horde Cookbook)
  • Tome of Assorted Tales
    • Rallys origin story
    • Poisonsword origin story (North Barrens Drifter)
    • Stewy & the Order of Justice – A Sunwalker’s Story

Other Trivia

I’m distantly related to Alan Moore whom I’ve heard has something to do with comics and graphic novels. Our family trees intertwine in Northampton, UK about 300 years ago and clearly the beard gene is strong in the family.

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