Vol. 4 – Tome of Heroes

The Tome of Heroes is a trade-style collection of 3+ short origins stories from some of the guild’s iconic members:

  • 4.1 Trial of Wolf’s Burden: Set approximately in the year 26 of the Warcraft timeline, TWB focuses on the Rallys origin story,  how he met Guldanna, and the formation of the Ironwolf Clan military unit.
  • 4.2 North Barren’s Drifter: This story occurs around Y27. Inspired from the 1973 film High Plains Drifter, a Warcraft story set as a western in the dusty foothills of Durotar and the North Barrens.
  • 4.3 Hope’s Eclipse: A young Tauren warrior ( Wiyuh’laghaa aka ‘Stewy’) survives a savage battle rescuing Taunk’a from the armies of the Lich King. As he struggles in his faith, he comes across a new teaching from Aponi Brightmane and joins a counter-offensive that could be the turning point in the war.
  • 4.4 Shade of Honor: Set during the opening events of Legion, a secretive missive from Nathanos Blightcaller leads to a mission in Stormheim. Sylvanas’ research points to a relic that may give her a bargaining chip to negotiate with Helya.