057 – Undeath is Thicker Than Blood

This scene was going to be a bit longer. Originally Nathanos was going to talk to the Death Knights about the growing threat and how much paranoia towards the undead had grown since the attacks. The interrogation was going to be kept a secret and the information gained suggested by the DKs. I didn’t want it to appear disloyal, especially in a story about honor. I did want to highlight that the undead were not going to sit by and watch their limited acceptance evaporate before their eyes.

Nathanos begins to run out of patience as he senses that the demonic is involved. Since the last time that happened was the Lich King, it evoked a lot of stress – their freedom might be at stake .he last panel shows this as he reveals his bony, shriveled arm and digs his pointed finger bone into the goblin’s flesh to torture him and get the truth.

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