052 – Critcally Hit

The Blackfuse Company lost its CEO I’m Siege of Orgrimmar, only to lose a second in Grimrail Depot. The remaining members reorganized and took their assets back to the black market. This seemed to have a lower executive mortality rate and higher profit margin.

Blackfuse Company appropriated parts of the Bilgewater Harbor in the aftermath of the siege using profits from Draenor.

MOK’TRINGAR approached them, about the time Garrosh was killed and the Grimrail Depot destroyed. After much inquiries and gold he discovered they had a second mana bomb – the prototype. This device didn’t have the dimension warping power of a focusing iris but could destroy a major building. He also commissioned the refurbishing of a older war Zeppelin with room to handle modifications.

Blackfuse Company had made efforts to secure contracts with both sides in the event of war. They had promised materials and siege weapons for the Alliance and transports and mercenaries to the Horde.

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