048 – Blackfuse Company

The Blackfuse Company pulled itself together in the aftermath of the Grimrail Depot disaster. After losing two CEOs in such a short time (Siege of Orgrimmar – Siegecrafter Blackfuse and Warlords of Draenor Grimrail Depot) the remaining managers decided it was safer to focus on arms dealing. In the reorganization, they pulled profits from Draenor to acquire sections of the Bilgewater Harbor (read: bribe and murder). A small zeppelin dock was built on scaffolding assembled near “Big Betty”, the huge cannon dominating the island.

The caravan is led by Manny Venture, an exploitation specialist consultant to the Blackfuse Company, along with several employees. The Blackfuse company uses a familiar color-coded uniform system: yellow = managers, blue = technical & arcane sciences, and red = well, I’ll bet you know what happens to the red shirts.

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