037 – Fatherresto’s Report

The story finishes the concern about the undead with Mok’tringar’s own cronies doubting him. His response highlights a slowly growing concern within the Horde since the Lich King; specifically the opening questlines near Undercity. Sylvannas is up to something and they are concerned. Time will tell whether the Banshee Queen is capriciously innocent or the next big end boss for Legion or beyond.

Fatherresto continues to sow discord by anticipating the Horde’s response to communicate. I wanted to demonstrate a corrupted version of her druidic alignment (chaotic neutral evil for you purists). Instead of bringing balance, she keeps everyone guessing and leaves herself at the center of a web of half-truths. Genn is most susceptable. I had his fiery, judgmental personality to nod to his dual nature: beast and man, Jekyll and Hyde. He’d rather judge and let God sort them out rather than make the wrong choice and live with it.

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