033 – Calling It Even

I was working on the end of the story when this panel was being developed and needed someone to finish off one of the main villains in a gruesome way. We had a member leave for reasons and decided they could be a really interesting sub-plot so I introduced Cretus. Prayer was familiar with him and is at first confused. It also highlights more in-game history as Prayer was used at times to sanction Horde players as a guild assassin. The last two panels reflect an agreement in the guild, DONT…ATTACK…PRAYER. If Prayer was attacking you, two things were almost a certainty: you would die and no one from the guild was going to help you (because you presumably did something stupid).

It is an absolute pleasure to have this kind of background to work with and highlights the depth that people in the World of Warcraft game add to it beyond a simple MMO. They help create legend and story like spiraling eddies from a main current; it’s really fun to be a part of.

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