026 – Hero Panel: Warlocks

The first real iteration of hero panels came with the warlock class. I had asked each of the officers to give me a “top 5” of guildies who had been around, were active, etc. I tried to use several signature spells for the different specs: some with the demon pets, others with chaos bolts, and incinerate.

The last panel was the result of a poll. I put the little troll girl’s life in the hands of the guild. If they said she should die, the scene would have been a THWUNK and a little girl’s hand laying next to the teddy bear on the floor when Wickedmama and Alucard enter. The thought was a nod the Battleship Potempkin, a Russian movie about the October revolution. In it, the a mother is wheeling a baby carriage when soldiers open fire. The next scene is the baby carriage bouncing down the steps leaving the audience with a chilling conclusion. My vote was to have the child not make it but in this case, our guild decided to be more compassionate.

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