025 – Counterattack

Moonrawr wanted a scene with her rainbow assembly of spiders and one learns very quickly not to made Moonrawr angry. A happy Moonrawr ensures a long and prosperous life…

This assembly is a nuke in Warcraft, something you use to do a lot of damage and not need for 10 minutes – an eternity in game combat. Seeing a humble villager cut down and after all she just went through is enough for her to call up the Troll’s loa [wild god] of spiders, Shadra.

The top panel is actually cut in half, the missing top half shows a ghostly form of Shadra above, granting the power in beams of light, corresponding to her spider’s color.

One other note: This includes a panel with some minor profanity, of which I’m not a fan. However, it is a phrase which the character uses, so I made a choice to honor the player’s style and give some fan service as a nod to them rather than use the cliched $#@!* form for expletives. I sincerely hope it doesn’t offend you, the reader, and if so – my sincerest apologies. Then again, sometimes art is offensive and we just need to move along…

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