024 – Closing the Loop

Now the first thing you do when you want to avoid PvP is find the exit (mount up and fly) or find the flightmaster and high-tail it out of there. The flight master can also be annoying because others can fly in.

The second point of attack was the local bat-handler, Marnlek. There is a hut opposite that can obscure an oncoming group’s approach and give a clear bowshot at him.

The other event was this is a village. It’s full of ordinary people and they’re being attacked. So they panic; they scatter. I had this idea from an old Russian movie, Battleship Potempkin, which had a very tragic, but memorable scene involving a mother and child.

One troll child gets scared and runs toward a poor hiding spot in full view of the attackers.

FUN FACT: There are no troll children models…The closes thing was a blood elf child so a quick photoshop on the skin and clothes made a fair replacement.

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