012 – Domestic Violence

Playing off of the changes from the end of MoP/SoO, we not only saw a change in politics (between Alliance/Horde) but in leadership. Thrall makes Vol’jin warchief – was everyone ok with that? You had a double-whammy on the orcs of Orgrimmar who were pumped up to be almost racist at Garrosh’s peak now brought down to get along with everyone. That creates a lot of tension and expectation. Bickering, insecurity, jealousy, and petty bureaucrats all thrive before and after dictatorships. A power vacuum forms at many levels which explains Mok’tringar’s rise to power.

Another theme that I wanted to present was echoing in current political events – security at any price. I have no political leanings but there are a few Trump-isms in Mok’tringar’s statements – Make the Horde Great Again… This sub-plot shows what happens when people disconnect themselves from the political process; politics requires involvement. When you lose the involvement, very bad things happen.

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