Vol. 2 – Origins


This story is set within 5 years prior* to the events of Shadow of the Legion. A old shaman teaches three gruntlings the story of how the Ironwolf Clan came to be, and perhaps a little more.


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An audio-drama reading, with immersive sound effects, of the story.


Yes but it was in a limited edition format. I have a few copies available, always at cost.; contact me for details. The final format is more vintage children’s book illustrations. I’m going for a dreamy sketch and watercolor effect that was popular in the late 1960s and early 70s. The book is a solid 40 pages and was printed in a limited edition 8″x8″ book on high-quality paper.



Lohn’gosh (Hero’s Heart)

A shaman of the Frostwolves growing in age, he is preparing to become
an elder shaman. He sees a lot of himself is a stubborn gruntling named Gosh’osh.

The Gruntlings


GOSH’OSH “Heroic Spirit”

His friends call him “Gosh” of which he has few. Gosh is has insight beyond his years but it’s hard to see past his impulsive and stubborn attitude. Gosh’osh asks the question which begins the tale.

A’THAZAGA “Protected/Defense”

Known as “Atta”. She refuses to back down in almost unseemly ways even in the Horde’s culture. She is immensely curious refusing to do thing for tradition’s sake unless it makes sense. She conflicts with Gosh a lot.

MOK’RANDAL “Son of the Winds”

Friendly (even for an orc) and rarely serious, “Ran” is just as quick to pull his friends out of trouble as he is to help them get in deeper. He has a shaman’s interest in the elements and nature and where things come from and are made of.

Sample of Page 1

origins_page01The story itself is recalled from about 20-25 years prior* (during the time of Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos). It concludes just before the founding of Durotar and shortly after the mission ‘Riders on the Storm‘.


Additional Background art

In working up from the history, there is an entire clan which needs to be defined. The Ironwolves clearly had expertise with blackmithing and metalworking since barding for their mounts is an advanced skill.

I also wanted to show an evolution into the guild’s current icon from a more primitive, traditional beginning. The base of the shield is a wolf’s paw and borrows from the design of the Frostwolves. The spikes have some function for impaling/thrusting on a mount or flipping the shield over to set in the ground. The four squares on the top of the shield are spikes pointing out to deflect/break edged weapons and pass through for a shoulder strap and handle support.

For the lupine barding I chose very little – just the essentials on the face and over the chest/shoulder area.

This picture is just some concept work of what an Ironwolf orc might look like:


*=There are a few problems working with the established timeframes. Thrall would barely be old enough to do what he does in Warcraft II-III. By accounts, he’s barely 25 by WoD. He should be closer to 40-45 in Legion, hitting his prime. So red-shirting that aside, and accounting for any accelerated aging via warlockery, you can adjust your time frame and method accordingly.