Klass Metalfist was a warlock during the first war enamored with the power he witnessed. While in Draenor, he learned quickly without letting on how much he learned, being keen on the ability of certain Draenor gemstones to augment or store magical power. Prior to leaving with the orc armies, he was somehow able to steal a rather large chunk of uncut Bloodstone and bring it to Azeroth for his own experiments.

He firmly believed that the demonic could be a source of power to serve the Horde – partly out of vengeance from the orc’s servitude and also to fuel his ambition for approval in Thrall’s New Horde.

Unfortunately, Thrall eschewed the demonic and Klass fell into disfavor becoming more distant and secluded. Eventually, he became a recluse, searching farther and farther out from any watchful or concerned scrutiny.

Not everyone was content with Thrall’s direction and Klass found a precious few who thirsted for the promise of greater power and formed the Burning Blade in secret.

In time, he was able to make a bargain with the Shamans to obtain resources and labor to construct a small fort of his own and gain more converts to his cause.

Klass continued to grow in power along with Al’arr Darkshade and eventually coming into contact with the Magram centaur. The centaur were not unfamiliar with magic, albeit in its elemental forms. The Magram dismissed it as a crutch that no true warrior needed, yet Klass and Al’arr’s demonstrations proved too tempting to overlook. A tenuous agreement was formed to train a few casters in the necromantic arts in exchange for a cohort of outrunners, wranglers, and maulers to keep the northern lands free from the Tauren.

Klass continued to harass the Tauren, considering them a threat and fearing they might find common ground with Thrall. The Magram Khan understood this concern with absolute clarity and challenged Klass to demonstrate an unquestionable mastery in magic to seal a formal treaty – an act that exceeded his powers without some form of augmentation.

Klass had already used up the bloodstone in another project of no small feat, slaying the demon Iruxos and taking his hand as a prize to open portals of infernal minions at his command.

There was one other possibility – a chunk of the bloodstone had been used with a potent amount of magic to the shamans – surely they no longer needed it. Through his spies, he plans to recover the amulet and use it to raise a powerful Magram warrior as proof to the Khan that he can command the living and the dead against his foes.

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