PrayerPrayer-BleedingHollow was an interesting one… Feral Druids were overpowered in Warlords of Draenor and she was, by reputation, VERY good with her class. I had heard rumors of how she had stalked Horde players and killed them outside the phase lines of their garrison but she followed some basic rules of engagement. There was respect for some boundaries and she had earned respect from several guildies. Using that as a base she seemed perfect as an operative affiliated but not a direct report to SI:7. She realizes something bigger is happening and is trying to get the Horde’s attention without compromising her values or getting herself killed. It also was a great way to reinforce that druids are NEUTRAL and interested in maintaining balance, so they’re not interested in total victory for either side.

A favorite scene is on page 101 Prayer, stealthed, witnesses a fellow night elf brutally eaten by an undead. What appears to be her pupils is actually a rendering of the carnage reflected in her moonglow eyes. That image was a homage to the movie Blade Runner where Rutger Hauer’s character – a military grade replicant, seeks out his creator to ask for more life. After learning that even ‘God’ can’t save him, he kisses him (goodbye) and kills him. The scene pans to the reflections in the eyes of the synthetics.