Vol. 1 Shadow of the Legion


PDF Version of the Whole StoryDraft Cover Concept for Graphic Novel. Used Wow Model Viewer, Photoshop, Blender (custom zeppelin)

Single Pages view with author commentary
Act I
Act II

Act 3 Teaser Video

Wait! Is there more?

I’m working on an origins story in the form of a children’s book. It will probably be in verse (because it’s harder!). For more info, see Origins of the Ironwolf Clan. You can also see a lot of current work at my Twitter feed .

You Don’t Understand…I Need More!

There’s the Broken Isles Timeshares infomercial written by Vidavicci and animated/voiceacted by yours truly.

How’d He Do That?

The novel is 106 pages comprised of over 550 individual illustrations made using :

  • Comic Life by Plasq for page layout, filters, text bubbles – one of the best all-in-one solutions for going from concept to print
  • Wow Model Viewer (WMV), Photoshop, and Wow Model Editor for graphics and arrangement of the scenes. Each panel has individual models (“actors”) positioned in WMV then composited into Photoshop, and special effects and filters to make it appear like a comic book.
  • Blender for a few custom scenes that could easily be developed and for the zeppelin

A typical page is 5-6 images and take between 1.5 – 3 hours to create (approx 300 hours). The project took about 3 months to complete. I wrote the basic premise in about 15 minutes and fleshed out the dialog over many nights, lunches, and drives to work; several guildies gave invaluable input, guild lore, and perspective on characters that enhanced the story.


  • Vidavicci who not only offered proofreading but was an encourager when things got rough; he was my Samwise Gamgee on the journey
  • Stewy and Hermodur for their insight into the Paladins and Horde lore on the light which played so much into the end story
  • Lomanic for his in-depth understanding of the shadow and fel as well as warlock lore
  • Tomay and Kemptin for their input and assistance with guild history
  • Guldanna and Rallys without whose sacrifice we wouldn’t have a home to hang our helms on. Remember to thank them – often; it matters.
  • To the Guild – for letting me write with your characters and your support, likes, and comments

Further Reading / Behind the Scenes

I started this project back in late March 2016 after one of our guild leaders said, “Ya know, if our guild had a comic book, my kids would read it.” It inspired me to make a gag cover and the reaction floored me; I had no idea comics had such an appeal across so many age groups. Bottom line: I made it so their kids could read about the heroes they hear about and as a thank you for their time and effort putting together such a great guild.

This page will have all the links to it for easy reference, or if you follow the shortlinks – navigate previous/next by clicking the thumbnail at the bottom left/right. It starts at page 2 simply because page “1” is the cover.

[*] = Has Author’s Commentary about the page.

Act I – [ Character Development ]

Act II – [ Crisis ]

Act III – [ Catharsis ]

Fake Ads – for those of who remember some of those iconic comic book ads…

Act IV – [ Conclusion ] – {NOT IMPLEMENTED}

This meant to finish out the  Hero Panels for Warriors and DKs as well as close the Ashran subplot and bring us into the Broken Shores. I decided not to do it because everything just seemed done and it’s important to know when to stop and say ‘The End’.

  • Page 107: Vol’jin’s Gift
  • Page 108: Storming Stormshield from the Sea
  • Page 110: Tremblade’s Challenge
  • Page 111: Lok’tar Ogar – Withdrawal from Stormshield
  • Page 112: Troubling News from Khadgar


I Gotta Get a Hold of this Guy…

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