Making a Raid – Part II (Rallys fight)

Raid Diagram - Phase 1 Hellscream Vengeance

  • Phase I – Engine 100% – 50%
  • Phase II – reduce engine to 25%
  • Phase III – Defeat Fatherresto and detonate starboard nacelle

PHASE I – Defeat the Blackfuse Crew

  • Blackfuse Techs will use an ability every 30s called “Room Broom” which knocks back any in the front half of the area but knockback is stopped by mana shield. If the mana shield is depleted, players are killed falling into the propellers. Techs also used basic melee attack.
  • Engineers will slowly cause the rear mana shield to fail by indiscriminate fire (an AoE). Engineers use an ability every 15s Frost Grenades – thrown at random playter and explodes 8y radius – aoe damage and slows 25% for 30s. This stacks 3 times. 3rd stack freezes in place for 5s.
  • Adds continue until 16 techs and 8 engineers are killed – at which point the Captain will fight until killed. Adds will then abandon ship and jetpack off or explode in doing so.
  • Blackfuse Captain will alternate either side which is empty of adds and use “Unleash Hell” firing a gatling gun down one side of the ship doing massive AoE damage until adds spawn to replace.
  • Once adds are dealt with Captain will use “Go Down with the Ship” and begin attacking the raid directly with cleaving melee attacks.
  • The grey box leads down below and is inaccessible in Phase I. There are 2 goblins guarding the steps – Chief Engineer and Chief Security Officer. When the captain dies, they will run downstairs for a “cutscene”. This is where Volt & Tick kill the Security officer and then the Chief Engineer as he arms the Mana Bomb in the hold.
  • Once they come up, they see Rallys standing on the top of the steps seeing AV landing on deck for 2nd Raid Event

PHASE II – Defeat Alliance Vanguard Waves

  • Each wave of AV troops arriving offers an 8s window to attack the port engine (the direction AV is NOT coming from). AV waves will continue to come until the engine reaches 25%.
  • As the engine is damaged it begins to sputter “Raw Phlogiston Spatter” damaging the entire raid 5% becoming a soft enrage.
  • Fatherresto has a buff “Blessing of the Legion” all damage to be reduced. The amount of damage reduction is inversely proportional to the damage on the engine.
    • 100% health = 100% damage reduction
    • Every % damage on the engine increases damage (reduces the buff by 2%)
    • At 25% engine health – damage to Fatherresto is INCREASED by 50%

PHASE III – Defeat Fatherresto and Destroy the Engine

Raid Flightpath
















cretus battle plans

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