Making a Raid – Part I (Guldanna’s fight)


I made these rough notes for the story as a sort of technical outline of what was going on during the fight. It helped me frame what and why things were happening. You probably can find holes, glitches, or loopholes – real raid planning probably takes a team of very talented people weeks to map out. Obviously, a graphic novel won’t go into that much detail but I hope you enjoy some of the thinking that went into it:

PHASE I – Defeat the Shadowfel Golems

  • There are three golems that work together in the fight
    • one Fel-powered
    • one Void-powered
    • one Shadowfel powered (combines both charges into raid-wide damage)
  • The three work together. Periodically both the Fel and Void will cast into the Shadowfel to generate SHADOWFEL SHOCKWAVE.
    • The first cast is unavoidable but it is a low damage because most of the energy is absorbed starting up the Shadowfel Golem.
    • The order is Fel charge, Void Charge, Shadowfel Shockwave. Each cast will add a stack of either on the raid. All players must stack together on Shadowfel Shockwave with mitigation – Mass Dispel or Anti-Magic shell. Each stack doubles the increased damage starting at 5%, then 15% (5+10) and finally for 45% (15+30).
      • Casts can be interrupted but interrupting the cast decreases the cast interval by 10% so there needs to be restraint.
      • Interrupting one of the charge up casts reduces the damage of Shadowfel Shockwave by 5%. Interrupting both reduces the damage of Shadowfel shockwave by 15% and does not put a stack of Shadowfel on the tank.
    • SHADOWFEL SHOCKWAVE puts a stackof Shadowfel Contamination  on the tank.  Tanks which get a third stack die. A stack of Shadowfel will burn off in 20s. Dispelling a stack removes it but causes 10% total health in damage to the tank.
  • When each golem dies it will drop a stack of Shadowfel on the entire raid. Tanks must be careful not to kill a golem with 2 stacks or it could wipe the raid.
  • Mok’tringar will periodically attempt to heal the golems which can be interrupted and is unattackable during this phase. He has a buff DEFENSE OF THE LEGION which removes 100% of damage but he can be interrupted when casting.

Destroying the last golem will start Phase 2 and the final stack of Shadowfel with remove Mok’tringar’s buff. The last stack of Shadowfel will not drop off leaving the raid with a 5% increased damage buff.

PHASE II – Defeat Mok’tringar’s normal form

Mok’tringar will attack the raid using two types of attacks: one Fel-based, the other Void-based.

Legion Strike (Fel) – TANK DEBUFF:

  • Stacks 5 times and adds a debuff of Fel energy on the target. Shadow Strike (Void): Removes 1 stack of fel energy if one exists causing 5% additional damage. If no stacks exist, it adds a shadow stack.

Legion Strike (Fel) – RAID:

  • Adds a stack of Fel energy to all raid members which do not drop off unless dispelled.

Shadow Strike (Void) – TANKS:

  • If the tank has a Fel stacks, burns one off at an additional 50% damage
  • If the tank has no stacks, it adds one stack of Void. Each stack of void will drain 33% of the tanks health so this requires a tank swap after 2 Shadow strikes.

Shadowfel Strike (Fel+Shadow)

  • Will mark a random player with fog extending 8 yards and root them and anyone else standing near. In 3 seconds, a Void sword will one-shot the (1M damage + debuff modifiers) player with QUENCH YOUR LIGHT unless the raid can soak the damage. Light-based/Holy spells are 50% more effective against this attack.
  • {This is what Rallys sees happen to Guldanna in the dream sequence}
  • Hand of Sacrifice will count as though the Paladin was standing next to the player; thus, a raid of several Paladins would greatly mitigate this attack.

At 30% Mok’tringar changes form and begins Phase III.

PHASE III – Protect Vol’jin / Defeat Mok’tringar’s Shadowfelguard form

Mok’tringar heals himself to 80% and begins attacking Vol’jin with demon swarms at his command.

  • Stop swarms of imps and felguard champions
    • Felguards will stun in a cone and imps will attack stunned players
    • Felguards must be stunned and imps AoE/cleaved down
  • Mok’tringar will attack Vol’jin with MARK OF THE LEGION
    • Causes all surviving adds to attack along with a channelled blast of Felfire by Mok’tringar
    • Will require massive healing/shielding coordiination by healers and healer-capable
    • This will happen in 3 waves. Each time Mok’tringar is reduced in health at 60%, 35%, 10%
    • At 10% there must be enough dps to burn durn Mok’tringar as you will not have enough time to heal Vol’jin and stop Mok’tringar.

When Mok’tringar falls, he will issue his final threat to Vol’jin that he has others waiting to finish him off. He has only delayed the inevitable. Satisfyingly, that point was written before details came to light on Vol’jin’s death.