Character Insight: Mok’tringar

page85p05mokMok’tringar’s story begins at the end of Catalclysm as a promising warlock in Orgrimmar. Over the course of the next two years, he saw his profession fall out of favor, his friends brutally hunted down and murdered as traitors, and the most promising and inspiring orc (in his view) lead the Horde to ruin.

In the aftermath of the Siege of Orgrimmar, he was filled with fear and fury. Fear of continued persecution with the few warlocks that managed to survive and the rage over the Horde’s position – now on a leash, as he saw it, under the Alliance’s control.

Mok’tringar saw parallels to the days of the internment camps and looked for the power to cast off any Alliance oversight. That opportunity came in the night after a nightmare; in the cold dark, covered in sweat, a calm thought whispered to him: “You have been betrayed…” As he paced in the darkness other thoughts crept in as a chorus connecting one event and failure to another along with the suggestion of power. He gave himself unreservedly to Varimathras to forge a reinvigorated Horde – not as slaves to the Legion – but it’s champions…it’s herald…to rule over the trampled ruins of Azeroth.

He solidified his power through exemplary service in the reconstruction of Orgrimmar. His ability to organize and inspire others out of their malaise saw him promoted to greater levels of responsibility – even by Vol’jin.

As he grew, he tested others’ hearts for that thirst of revenge. Most were too narrow minded in their approach but he found two orc commanders willing to wait…and watch…and serve.

As the Alliance and Horde turned their efforts save an alternate world, Mok’tringar steadily worked towards corrupting this one. Vol’jin eventually headed to Draenor to lead the final operations in Tannan and Mok’tringar began to move more openly at recruiting.

By this time, Mok’tringar had agents within the Horde and Alliance including a newly recruited Fatherresto and Cretus. He employed Cretus’ unusual knowledge of Shadowfel as a potent weapon against an investigation by Vol’jin’s personal guard. One by one they were killed until the body count became too much to discount as a workplace hazard.

Fatherresto, eager for revenge, pushes Mok’tringar to bring the Iron Wolves back from Ashran and give them time in the redeployment to finish their plans.

By this point, Mok’tringar was fully empowered by the Legion able to transform himself into a dreadlord when necessary. Despite his powers, he preferred to use subtlety and seduction to achieve his ends.