Character Insight: Fatherresto

fatherrestoA few people asked me why I used Fatherresto (Resto) as the chief adversary. There were a couple of reasons; some of which were prescient. I wrote a lot of this at the end of March and early April.

The background was that Alliance Vanguard fought savagely but had a few setbacks. These setbacks created internal fracturing and contributed to more losses. Deaz, Deacon, etc. were presumed lost in earlier attacks. Left with a burning sense of duty and vengeance Fatherresto refused to give up. While noble, the way I wrote the character is an example of losing perspective.

Druids are all about balance. That means they can appear to work against good as well as evil. All of that is in the name of balance, equity, and harmony. When faced with revenge, a sense of being out of control (losing friends in battle), and mounting frustration, Resto detached from her Druidic foundations.

The Legion approached her whispering of the injustice they had faced – that’s how it starts…small, agreeing with you. Then as the whispers grew, it expanded to why hadn’t the Alliance supported them better; their lack of action cost my friends lives – blaming others. With all of these pieces making sense, Resto gave her new enthusiasm and purpose her full effort.

One by one the members of what was Alliance Vanguard came into this agreement. They shadowed an SI:7 team investigating strange activities (Resto and Cretus) in Ashenvale and quickly killed them.

Resto had been granted new abilities from the Legion including some necromancy – a strength of Varimathras. Both he and Resto bound the newly raised soldiers to prepare for their attack to draw the Horde into a war footing with the Alliance.

But Resto had her own agenda still and suggested the Iron Wolves be recalled to secure Orgrimmar in light of disturbing murders that were happening.

Mok’tringar bought into it from his own sense of faction pride and machinations to topple Vol’jin.