Horde Cookbook

Our guildmaster was trying to produce a cookbook and I offered to help by continuing the them of bookwriting – but how would a member of the Horde carry around a humble cookbook? A spellbook of course!

The design is in its infancy and the background images are very conceptual at this point. Recipes will follow an categorization similar to the rarity of loot in World of Warcraft:

  • Orange (Legendary) – complex or requiring special equipment
  • Purple (Epic) – somewhat complex or long in preparation; alcoholic beverages are always Epic Flasks and should be consumed responsibly
  • Blue (Rare) – uncomplicated recipes or non-alcoholic versions of flasks (elixirs)
  • Green (Uncommon) – simple or quick recipes

My goal is to produce 50 recipes that can be made quickly or with some preparation and meant to be eaten while playing, raiding, ganking, or just for fun.