Mumble Install Guide (Windows)

2. Double click the downloaded file and click Next

3. Check 'I accept' and Click Next

5. Leave default options & click Next

6. Click Install to begin installation

7. Click Finish

8. Click Next to begin tuning your mic

9. Make sure you have you mic/headset connected in the right jack (line-in/headset/Audio in) and select the correct devices for input (i.e. headset or mic) and output (headset/speakers)

10. Allow the voice sample to play although you're probably best just clicking Next...

11. Adjust the sliders so you can talk comfortably and stay in the green zone (or the wife doesn't know you're online...again).

12. Adjust slider so background or unwanted sounds (yelling wife, pleading kids, etc...) are in red/yellow zone and actual talking is in the green.

13. Leave default settings and Click Next

14. Click headphones if applicable and click Next when you hear 3D spatial sounds...Whoa.

15. Meh.. your call otherwise, click Next

16. Click Next

17. Click Finish - Whew. Install is done

18. Open Mumble and click Add New...

19. Enter info which is found in our Guild tab (Press J in game), select Info tab, and scroll down on the information notes for the Address, Port #. Username is your Main toon's name.

Guild Challenges & You…

One of the most important aspects in growing our guild is leveling up. There are several quick ways to get guild XP and gold:

  1. Guild Dungeons
  2. Guild Battlegrounds
  3. Guild Raids

Guild Dungeons

In order to get credit you have to use Dungeon Finder (the green eye) icon on your mini map.

  • First assemble your group of guildies – you need at least 3 to get credit (75% award points)
  • They all have to be a level that would be able to run the dungeon through Dungeon Finder
  • Pick a dungeon or random and join as a group

Make sure you have your group created and when ready select "Join as group"

At the completion of the dungeon you should get a guild achievement award. You can run up to 7 dungeons a week.
The benefit is that the guild gets 300,000 XP and later gold for every run which can be 2.1 million a week.
Bonus Points
Having a 4th or 5th guildie nets you 100% or 125% award points.
Guild Battlegrounds & Raids
Battlegrounds are like dungeons except you need 80% representation:
  • 8 members for 10 man raids
  • 21 for 25 man raids
Use the Guild tab (J key) and check the roster – see whose on and if they’re within 5 levels of your toon. Ask if they would be willing to run. You can always offer to run something of theirs (BG, Raid, PvP, Arena) and pickup a new skill.

Grim’s Frosty Challenge

Ahh, January…the bone chilling cold, that crisp air that sucks the life right outta your cheeks – reminds me of Northrend. If you’re up for it, get a steaming Starfire espresso and get going!

Sometime this weekend, Grimsparkle has a Frosty Challenge for any adventuresome guildie. The Guild Message of the day will announce the Challenge has begun. Interested adventurers need to check the website ( for the Frosty Challenge Questions.

We will post 5 questions answerable only from the crisp shores of Northrend (perfect for this time of year). Be the first person to mail the correct answers to Grimsparkle in Azeroth and you will win a Frostweave Bag and 50G (total value 250G).

Grim’s Frosty Challenge:
The first guildie to mail me (IN WoW) the correct answers wins a Frostweave Bag (value 199G).
1. Warsong Hold has how many steps in the main stairwell?
2. How many oracles guard the Eye of the Lich King in Kul’galar Keep?
3. How many Blood Elven naval ships are stationed north of Icecrown in the North Sea?
4. At about coordinates 48,79 what mammal’s corpse lies on the beach?
5. Which landing pad is the broom-wielding flightmaster on in Warsong Hold?
(Pick One)
a. NW       b. NE      c. SW    d. SE

TERMS & CONDITIONS (from our Gilblin lawyers)

  • Participants must be a member of the Laundromat guild in good standing
  • Party need not be present to win
  • First mail received with all 5 correct answers is the winner
  • Disputes may be settled by duel on consent of both parties in Ogrimmar
  • Not responsible if you die horribly  – cold and alone and become undead
  • Whiners will be polymorphed and eaten with mint jelly

Changes, Growth and Feedback

We’re on our way to Level 4, holding about 100 members and I’m getting some good input from folks. I’ve been told a few have been frustrated with the lack of running instances/Raids, lack of responses in guild chat, and my being offline for a week. I was also told that these reasons contributed to two prominent members (Engine and Zuel) leaving for DNA (which by the way is a great guild). Let me answer a few of these questions so you know what happened:

  • Why weren’t you on WoW for like 7 days?
    • Around Christmas, I got news that a close friend of mine had died
    • After Christmas, I was in a car accident
    • My credit card company screwed up and froze my account wrongly (they admitted they messed up). This caused my WoW account to become frozen and I was unable to logon. I used remote chat (before it got locked out) to tell a few people what had happened.
    • It took an additional 48 hours working with Blizzard to get everything back to normal
  • Reputation is capped (or some similar problem)
    • Unfortunately there is a daily cap on reputation which Blizzard setup; I can’t change it. I know level 25 guilds have perks; I can’t compete with that. Our goal is to provide a fun guild that we can do things together (social) and grow into areas we have interest in.
  • That being said, some are complaining about cliques or “radio silence” on guild chat.
    • All I can say is PLEASE try to pay attention to the chat window, especially officers – it’s important. Nothing feels worse than asking for help or seeing if anyone wants to do something and getting …nothing. Even saying “No thank you.” or suggesting another time or offer to setup an event does wonders – it’s simple respect and courtesy to say “I heard you and I care”.
    • Consider setting aside one game session a week to help guildies either by organizing a guild run through Dungeon Finder, helping them gear up, running a BG or even a Raid group. Get them mats for their profession, craft an item.
    • Quitting changes nothing. YOU be the fix: if you like Raiding, set up an event and invite people or tell an officer so we can coordinate it. We’ve had several successful guild runs doing this. PvP your bag? Let’s get a few people together of similar in Warsong Gulch and give it a shot. Our guild has plenty of room for folks to become leaders if they want to be responsible and head up an area. Whisper me or email me how I can help you.

In the end, as the Guild Master I know we need to improve and I have to start the change. I’ve promoted two highly active and dedicated members, Mozark and Silverflesh (gratz to you both on becoming Masters). I would ask our officers to give me feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Please make sure you greet, gratz, and be available for our guildies. If nothing’s happening, start something; if you need permissions, whisper me or email me (in game or at grimsparkle at gmail d0t c0m). Finally, remember to have fun.

Thanks again,


Where’s Grim?!?!

So where is your beloved (or hated) guild master?

Besides Christmas, I was in a car accident and then my credit card company froze my account because I went Christmas shopping. Unfortunately this included my renewal on my WoW account so I’ll be back in about 36 hours.

In the meantime gratz! on making level 3! Assuming a meteor doesn’t strike my house, I’ll be on soon… Unless Blizzard blows my account in which case I guess I’ll go play SWTOR.

Rank Promotion Guidelines

Our guild has 10 ranks divided unofficially into 3 tiers of responsibility.


  1. GEO (Gobin Executive Officer) of which there is only 1 member, the Guildmaster
  2. Exec Officer Executive Officers are co-GMs. Essentially a GM with the the only difference being they can be overruled by the GEO.
  3. Laundromaster Laundromasters are the Executive Master branch of the guild overseeing large groups. They are usually specific to a branch of guild growth such as Lore, PvP, Battlegrounds, Recruitment, etc. Laundromasters have a vested committment to the guild.
  4. Master Masters are the Senior officers of the Guild and hand picked because of there near constant presence, dedication, and good sportsmanship. Masters are prime candidates for Executive Corps members as the guild continues to grow along with the need for responsible direction.
  5. Gilded Hand Profiteer rank can be promoted to a side rank of members called the Gilded Hand. Gilded Hand Members are similar to Masters in their level of responsibility but their focus is economic. Gilded Hand members rock the Auction House. The are the daytraders of Azeroth looking to make a gold with a keen eye and a quick click of the mouse.
  6. Profiteer Profiteers are Junior officers of the Guild distinguished by long service, a history of guild accomplishments, and being helpful. Profiteers can also be those Cleaners and Specialists who wish to become professional farmers and work the Auction House.
  7. Specialist Top rank among the “enlisted class” of guild members. Specialists are active members expressing some degree of responsibility for guild events, challenges, and recruitment.
  8. Enforcer Active Member of guild. Role has additional access to guild bank and is a frequent presence in guild activities or contributions.
  9. Fencer Basic Member of guild and an Associate of the Laundromatorium of Kezan Corporation. Members have access to basic mats and gear on the first two tabs.
  10. Trainee Most guild members graduate after about 1 week. Promotion may be delayed due to inactivity or lack of participation. Guild reviews are typically done by Saturday. The final determination is ruled by Masters and above and may be undone by a higher rank if there is sufficient reason.


  • Absolutely no harassment, threats, insubordination (giving guild officers a hard time), or bullying will NOT be permitted. Any verifiable activity will result in an immediate guild kick and ignore. In short, if someone says stop, stop; Rule #1 is to have fun but not at other’s expense.
  • Promotions are given by known previous performance, merit and responsibility not time in, favoritism, or badgering. If you hold rank you are expected to be responsible.
  • If you need something, ask an officer (Grimsparkle, Raspootin, Mozark, Silverflesh). We may be able to get you what you need if you have a good reason but don’t have access.


Rank 10 – Trainee

  • Any newly recruited member of any level with less than 7 days membership or 500 Activity points (lifetime)
  • Trainees that have been inactive for 30 days may be kicked for non-participation; 60 days for alts
  • Trainees are eligible for graduation to Fencer 
    • after 7 days and have more than 500 Activity points (lifetime)

Rank 9 – Fencer

  • Any member with 8 or more days membership AND minimum of 500 Activity points (lifetime)
  • Active at least once every 30 days

Rank 8 – Enforcer Above average activity for Rank 9 members including but not limited to

  • Any member with at least 1 month membership AND minimum of 200,000 Activity points
  • Depositing mats or gold (approximately 100G) per month
  • Either running instances with other members (helping or being available)
  • Generally being helpful to other guildies and a contributor
  • In short, you should be a “regular”

Rank 7 – Specialist

  • Any member with at least 1 month membership AND minimum of 400,000 Activity points
  • Coordinating more than 1 guild challenge
  • Depositing regular amounts of gold and mats (approximately 250G in value) in a 1 month period
  • Lifetime Activity in the top 50% of guild

Rank 6 – Profiteer

  • Scheduling events for the guild (guild challenges, gear runs, PvP, Achievements) 1/month minumum
  • Any member with at least 1 month membership AND a minimum of 500,000 Activity points

Rank 5 – The Gilded Hand

  • At least 1 Master (Rank 4) or higher AND the GM approve
    • Both agree to the terms of what activity they will focus on: Auction House, PvP, etc.
  • Any member with at least 1 month membership AND a minimum of 1,000,000 Activity points
  • Depositing 100G/week in the Guild bank (mats and gold)
  • Scheduling events for the guild (guild challenges, gear runs, PvP, Achievements) 2/month minumum

Ranks 4 and up are basically work; you are exchanging a fair portion of your time to play “World of Guildcraft” in order to organize and maintain the guild. Such activities may include: participating in officer meetings, generating and being responsible for approved guild goals, reviewing the guild bank logs and activity of players, reviewing eligibility for promotion with the GM, recruiting, marketing, providing guidance, settling disputes, and assisting other toons so they can pay it forward. If you truly are not interested in shaping a guild or creating an atmosphere of gaming, do not apply for higher rank – enjoy the game.

Rank 4 – Master

  • A New Rank 4 is eligible (excluding alts) with every 50 members in the guild after 1 month of holding those numbers or at the decision of the GM
    • An officer’s vote would be held at a time determined by the Masters and the GM
    • Requires sponsorship from at least 1 other Rank 4 or higher to be considered

Rank 3 – Laundromaster

  • A New Rank 3 is eligible (excluding alts) for every 100 members in the guild after 1 month of holding those numbers
    • Established and constant presence in guild
    • Directs major development (recruiting, guild bank, PvP, Raid, Leveling, Guild Challenge) for guild
    • Accountable for guild actions, events, activities in a specific area
    • Alts of Executive officers
    • Requires approval of GM and at least 1 other Officer Rank 3 or higher

Rank 2 – Executive Officer

  • Rank 2 eligibility is every 150 guild members
  • Handpicked by the GEO/GM
    • Essentially running aspects of guild as delegated by GM
    • Demonstrated history of success and consistency
    • Alts for GM

Example: If there are 163 guild members on the roster (including alts) we should consider having the following Officers in place:

  • 1 Executive Officer (Rank 2) – over 150 members
  • 1 Laundromaster (Rank 3) – over 100 members but below 200 members
  • 3 Masters (Rank 4) – over 150 members

The relationship is that the Executive Officer is helping to manage the affairs of the guild; the Laundromaster is acting as his/her assistant. The masters are at their disposal. Oversight works out to be about 30 per person which is reasonable to make sure everyone knows someone.

Level 2!!!

The Laundromat reached level 2 early Tuesday morning on the shores of Tol Barad running some daily quests. This wouldn’t be possible without your help, teamwork, and willingness.

  • Special thanks are due to Master Zuel, our recruitment officer – on behalf of the GEO, I humbly thank you for your admirable and dedicated service.
  • For our Specialists: Blurre, Kyleron, Engine, and Mozark – thank you for your consistent efforts at running guild challenges and leveling; it helped propel our Guild XP forward.
  • To the rest of the team – again, thank you for all your efforts and keep up the great work.

I was able to send the top 25 lifetime activity toons a special thank you package consisting of a complimentary round of Darkmoon Reserve, a Chocolate Cookie, and a Mysterious Fortune Card (someone’s gotta win that 5000G!). We are already well on our way to Level 3.