Boss Fight: Xiaoyin Xu

Xiaoyin Xu will be the 5th Raid Boss in the Wonder Works Factory. Players will have encountered him as a mini-boss in Act II in the “Over the Rainbow” fight where he will escape at 33% health.

Cornered, Xiaoyin Xu is attempting to access the control room for the IR-Tx Battle Module when he is engaged by the raid. The Battle Module is suspended above behind a Titanic Energy Grid, essentially inaccessible until the security protocol is bypassed.

The raid will be assisted by Taran Zhu and his three lieutenants: Jiao, Quan, and Taoshi. Each member will deploy a rune on a player corresponding to one of the Aspects. These players must use their ability to dispel the debuff put on players to avoid a wipe.

Phase 1: Add killed, Xiaoyin at 75%

Empowered Soul Gate: Xiaoyin Xu will mark a target with a debuff causing ticking shadow damage for 13 seconds. At the end of the debuff, Xiaoyin Xu will randomly teleport to a marked player and cause them to explode, damaging players within 13 yards. If there are multiple players, he will teleport to one and the other players will send out shadow damage to 40 yards (probably blanketing the room).

Empowered Soul Gate can be neutralized by a player with a holy mark of the Aspect to cleanse it from them. In LFR, this would be any player. Normal/Heroic would require the specific mark tied to each Aspect. In Mythic, this must be done in the correct order as displayed above on the Energy Grid (e.g.:Tiger, Crane, Ox, Dragon). Every time the buffs are refreshed, the order would change; dispelling the buffs in the incorrect order causes the Empowered Soul Gate to explode prematurely.

Each of the four Shado Pan have a limited amount of hp. As the fight goes on, Xiaoyin’s assistant Tshin-tao will summon fleshling adds will be to kill them. Their hp go down with the difficulty. They have a limited number of heals. Should any of the four fall, it is a wipe.

In Mythic, Taran Zhu will protect the other three but be attacked by an additional add that will suppress (silence) his ability to heal. When that is cast, another group of adds will attack one of the other lieutenants, so the raid will have to keep Taran and one other protected.

If Xiaoyin reaches 75% health before the add is killed, he will begin to heal the add and himself.

The goal of Phase 1 is to manage the Soul Gate mechanic and kill the add Tshin-tao.

Phase 2: The Warlock – Xiaoyin to 10%

Xiaoyin will use the martial forms of the Golden Fel. Golden Fel causes damage and provide a slight stacking HoTs to Xiaoyin. If he is able to cast too many, he will begin to heal beyond the raid’s ability to damage him.

Chi Bolt (Chaos Bolt): A surge of golden chi energy strikes the target in a cone in front of him and applies an immediate flat heal plus 0.5 stacks of Golden Energy.

Golden Lightning: a channeled spell adding .01 stacks of Golden energy per second (channel lasts 5 seconds, interruptible)

Felflame: Xiaoyin engulfs himself in golden fire, clearing all stacks of Golden Energy but sending an expanding wave of destruction.

Summon Fel Sha: Summons a group a fel-empowered sha – every hit adds 0.1 stacks of Golden Energy

Golden Energy: The power of the fel gives back some of the life it takes in damage to others. Each stack restores 1% health per 8 seconds for 8 seconds.Stacks to 25%

Phase 3: The Wangliang

At 10% Xiaoyin enrages, shedding all pretense of his Pandaren form and revealing the Wangliang demon form. He will begin to Siphon Life to attempt to heal himself marking a player with a DoT/HoT. He will alternate casting a heal for himself and Sha’s of Corruption.

Sha’s of Corruption. He will spew four sha from his mouth that pursue marked targets. Sha’s reaching their target explode and channel a conduit of healing back to Xiaoyin Xu.

Upon reaching 0 percent Xiaoyin Xu damages the Energy Grid and permits access to the IR-Tx Battle module.