Akishanya, later known by the Orcs as ‘the one who rallies’ or simply Rallys, was an aspiring druid whose rite of passage put him in the middle of a struggle between the Burning Blade and the nascent Horde. Having struggled with a vision which also haunted his dreams, he finds the elder Tauren already know of his troubling premonitions. With a mild chiding they send him off to accomplish fate’s task to find and save the “Wolf’s Burden” which will bring balance to the land.

He discovers the remains of a battle and a gravely wounded orc who leads him to Guldanna, now a prisoner of the Centaur and in the lair of a winged serpent. With Fenris’ help, he rescues her and they flee to the nearest Tauren village to the north, Wikeeopeyata (The Western Camp).

They barely escape a centaur and warlock army which destroys the village and realize they must interfere with Klass Metalfist’s efforts to impress the Magram centaur. Fenris, Rallys, Guldanna, and Stewy work together to sabotage Klass’ efforts. Impressed with how well the two races worked, and from earlier campaigns together, Cairne and Thrall discuss sharing forces for their joint defense and agree to enlarge the “Ironwolf Riders” into a more robust unit with several Tauren druids and warbraves.

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