Guldanna (the Stormborn)


Guldanna the Stormborn was a young child burdened with a cryptic prophecy. The illegitimate child of Grommash, she was cared for her mother Eisen, one of the last of the Ironwolf Clan. Most of their members perished in the fighting to ensure the ships could leave the docks. As she grew, darker portents wore upon the lands and the prophesy that spoke hope gave way to fear – what if she became corrupted or worse turned from her purpose to serve some of the growing threats? Desperate, they found an uncomfortable promise through a controversial warlock, Klass Metalfist. He discreetly claimed to have the means to accelerate her growth without the negative effects they witnessed in the First War – but it would come at a price. Grudgingly they agreed and charged the youngest of their council, Lohn’gosh of the Frostwolves, to be her guardian and mentor. He would be the first to sense any demonic influence or aberration and ensure she was raised with the values the orcs held in high esteem.


The amulet Klass produced was painful but she grew. Her newfound abilities became a challenge for her fiery spirit despite her quick wit and creative (read: unorthodox) approaches. Her temperament suited a warrior’s career despite the council’s wish that she pursue the shaman’s path for her people. She quickly rose among the ranks of the Horde to qualify as a rider and Lohn’gosh made sure she would have his eyes on her. Fenris, a seasoned orc scout and honorable to the old ways swore to guard her from afar, though she rarely needed it.

Guldanna’s amulet became an obsession by Klass Metalfist years later in an effort to amplify his magical prowess and impress the Magram. For her efforts in fighting Klass and the Centaur, as well as helping cement the Tauren relationship with the Horde, she was promoted to unit commander of the Ironwolf Riders.


Guldanna and Rallys continued to drive the Ironwolf riders into a formidable fighting unit. They engaged the night elves on numerous skirmishes in Ashenvale and alongside other units in Warsong Gulch to control the supply of lumber needed for the war effort.

She was promoted to Orgrimmar’s garrison commander and managed local defense operations around the capital. During her tenure in the Halls of the Brave, she received word of a plot by the Burning Blade to attack one of the outlying towns. She quickly mobilized her forces after determining the information was credible and not a trap.

The Burning Blade was routed and her Ironwolf Clan as it came to be known was sent to Northrend to support operations out of Warsong Hold and help protect supplies to Agmar’s Hammer. There was also rumors of a tauren tribe known as the Taun’ka which needed further investigations as potential allies into the Horde.


The war in the north took its toll on their units fighting the scourge. The evacuation of Taunka’le village was nearly a disaster in the face of Nerubian shock troops burrowing underneath. The Ironwolves lost many Tauren helping the Taunka escape.


In the aftermath of the Siege of Orgrimmar, the Horde was under a cease-fire with the Alliance. Many were greatly disllusioned during the occupation of Orgrimmar and sought to overthrow the perceived weakness that led to capitulation. The Ironwolves are sent to Ashran to help secure the island against the Alliance. Guldanna discovers a plot to assassinate Vol’jin by Legion sympathizers and with the help of Rallys delays the Fourth War from starting.


In the fight against the Legion, the Ironwolves are requested to occupy the garrison in Dalaran as proof that not all Horde are the enemy. Khadgar uses Guldanna and the Ironwolves as an example that the Horde HAS honor and the events surrounding the Divine Bell were not the norm. A murder in the city over a discovered artifact sends Guldanna to the fabled lost island of the Wonder Works to clear one of her members and save Azeroth.


Whatever gains were made during Legion with the Alliance were washed away in the bloodbath of the Battle of Lordaeron. The Ironwolves suffered heavy casualties outside the city walls taking out the flanking siege towers so the Azerite war machine could be disabled. She faced her old nemesis Prayer on the battlefield.

Rumors of the Kul Tirans being sought out to bring the Horde to a decisive defeat push opinions within her own unit to the breaking point over Sylvanas’ methods. Guldanna sides with Sylvanas and is promoted to General and supports the operations securing the Zoram’gar shoreline. She loses an eye in a barfight over comments about Sylvanas.

She assists Blightcaller in bringing the fight to Teldrassil despite heavy guerilla attacks by the night elves.

When events come to a head between Saurfang and Sylvanas, she continues to trust Sylvanas has her reasons but remains loyal to the Horde.

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