Volume 5?


  • The last page of Wonder Works is actually 2 years later.
  • Enwalta senses he’s barely alive and takes him to Chiselgrip (which had expanded a bit)
  • Allphys (Dement09) is able to bring him back but he has amnesia and can’t recollect how he got there
  • What little he does recall leaves him unsettled having missed an exciting campaign against the Legion
  • Enwalta’s unit is summoned by an urgent request and portals into the Battle of Lordaeron


  • Ironwolf Clan is in the middle of the fight and tasked with taking out siege towers approaching to breach the wall (not the one in the cinematic)
  • Many non-current Ironwolves die
  • Saurfang is repulsed by the use of plague and pulls the Ironwolves back for defense. “There is no honor in this”
  • Guldanna, stunned, hesitates for a moment between loyalty and honor and fails to see an assassin approaching
  • Lohn’gosh dies stopping an attack meant to kill Guldanna
  • Siege towers go down in a blaze but one collapses on the wall giving way to Alliance forces
  • Ironwolf Clan, elements of Screaming Bees, regroup with other remnants of units


  • Songhammer is meeting with Khadgar and talks about returning to Kul Tiras in protest of the growing conflict between Horde and Alliance, refusing to join either side.
  • Khadgar mulls over his own frustrations and seclusion. He encourages them to seek out Jaina and give her a message believing she hasn’t given in to all this madness
    • Side comment about “isn’t that what he thought about Cordana”
  • They board a merchant ship and head to Kul Tiras and meet Jay the Tavern Bard along the way who fills them in on what has been happening at home. Jay himself tried to tour about the lands but with the growing hostilities feels home might be safer or at least the lesser of two evils.
    • Comments about something feels off at home; can’t put his finger on it

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