15. Possession is 9/10ths of the Law

You journey from twilight until dawn cautiously avoiding any large predators and the occasional Shado Pan patrol. Winding your way up the terraces you find the lake which Darkmaster Viu mentioned. In the cloudy grey morning, you can still see effervescent sparkles above the water, whether mist, magic or something else you cannot be certain.

An unwelcome cold, moist breeze brushes against you almost urging you to turn back but you see the spot nestled between a boulder and tree. It seems too small yet you find, with some careful planning, you are able to work your way through the crevice. Inside, the air is decidedly warmer and a narrow set of steps appear to have been built around the natural rocks providing the perfect camouflage. It is quiet and your own heart’s beat pulses in your ear as you strain to keep your breathing as quiet as possible. You hear something else…someone else is down there.

Carefully creeping behind a stalagmite, you see dimly Yao near a stone pedestal upon which a stone urn rests. Yao sniffs the air and sighs, “You can come out – didn’t they teach you how to sense fear? It’s like the salt-air, unmistakable. Face me, we will see if you are Jing-Xi; I think not.”

  • Defeat Yao 0/1

16. All War is Based on Deception

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