13. Divided We Stand

The last sha-ling shrivels before Viu, bubbling away in a pulse of negative thoughts. Only the faintest rustling of distant grass can be heard.  Viu looks solemnly at you, almost nodding in approval – almost.

“The greatest demons are the ones within us. The ones on the outside merely push and prod. Now you see the horrible truth of it. So many seek to blame something else because the alternative is incomprehensible: they choose. The ways of the Jing-Xi reverse this principle. Now you stand in the eye of the typhoon instead of being swept up by it; just be careful you don’t lose your footing. Come, you should meet the others.”

He takes you to a small cove at the rocky base of the cliffside. Inside, a dozen Pandaren – some younger, some older sit.

Darkmaster Viu looks at them, taking a deep breath of the salty air, “We grow in strength, <$n> stands in the Eye with us.” Several nod in approval.

One, however, grunts, “Have we become so desperate we open our ranks to any interested in the ways of the Jing-Xi? For centuries our arts have been banished…mocked. Things are changing, you can feel it – a shift. Even Xiaoyin knew it when he set out on the path of the Golden Fel.”

Viu leans forward with a demonic growl, his eyes flickering with fire, “Xiaoyin was reckless. You know why we could not approach him – he would have destroyed or exposed all of us with his extreme views. Had we followed him, it would have been open war on the Shado Pan.”

“Yet we hide and skulk about from them”, Yao protests.

Viu sarcastically laughs, “Ha! I do not fear conflict or chaos Yao but I do not make them my master either. That is not our way. Xiaoyin’s thirst for power was such he thought he could swallow the ocean. Chaos will always tell you to take another step and you become it’s slave like so many written about in the past. And what was there end? A ripple, a wave?! Never achieving harmony – only making noise.”

“Yao,” Viu chides, “as balance tips, so our numbers are destined to grow. It is as the tide responds to the moons rising. Without balance, we must answer the call… or do you fancy yourself like one of those whom history simply makes another example of? We have the opportunity to show the Jing-Xi is a balance to the Shado Pan, not a single force unto itself.”

Yao storms out clearly agitated.

  • Listen to Yao 0/1
  • Listen to Viu 0/1


In the philosophy of the Jing-Xi – one sees everything as a typhoon; a circle with a dot at the center. To the Jing-Xi, the goal is to stand in the eye (the dot) choosing where and when to act and using the power of the typhoon (Chaos).

The Jing-Xi view the Shado Pan as standing on the edge of the circle, meditating, contemplating, and choosing to act but shaping the winds (results) instead of initiating them (the eye). This is somewhat different from the Huojin and Tuishi philosophies which the Jing-Xi see as other opposites but not in harmony with their views (i.e.: muddying the waters with their paws anytime their fears and passions strike). To them, they are more or less driven by the typhoon.

14. Dread Man Walking…

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