12. The Third Step…

“Good”, Darkmaster Viu curtly approves, “on the next test. I will meet you at the Townlong Steppes. We will be close to the Shado Pan’s outpost so be careful. A Jing-Xi is not always about felfire and brimstone. Subtlety and hiding in plain sight, like a goat on a mountain, are part of the art too.”

You cautiously journey from the safety of the Paoquan Hollow north. You notice things seem different as if being an outsider to what once was familiar or perhaps you simply have a new perspective on things. In either case, you feel ‘outside’ and on edge which is most likely good considering Darkmaster Viu’s warnings.

Your only contact with the Shado Pan was a weary patrol. One of the guards seemed to take notice of you for a moment but kept about his leisurely pace. Travelling farther away from the main roads and into the crumbling cliffsides, you meet Darkmaster Viu near a cave. It seems to whisper a cold, moaning breeze.

“There. In there you will find the sha. Fear, terror, despair, jealousy, anguish, remorse, the list goes on but that is only the surface. What if one could harness that power, hmmm? To take the power of fear and not simply throw it around like some child’s ball but shape it, focus it, like a gem cutter to a raw stone. I can see the gleam in your eye – you see?”

“Find a sha-ling and possess it. Let your will…your CHOICE create the harmony between two forces. Bend it’s shrieking, tormented echo to me; show me your mastery of the demon.” Viu chuckles quietly.

  • Possess 3 weakened Sha and return them to Darkmaster Viu

13. Divided We Stand…

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