11. The Second Step

Sing nods thoughtfully, “With practice, you will find the Soul Gate a most potent tool. On to Master Viu whose specialty is Fel.” You walk back into the Hollow and you notice it seems almost tranquil; the shadows seem more like a shelter than an ominous threat.

Master Viu rises and bids you to follow him back into the crevice for training. “The fel is dangerous – only ignorant fools think otherwise. It must be respected, cautiously handled – not with fear but determination. Treat it as you would teaching a ferocious pet. You must channel your chi around the fel. Let it build but do not embrace it – torment it; evade it as a coy lover until the moment is right. You will need to be still and concentrate to maximize your potency. Once ready, release with the roar of a dragon at your target. Doing do will take some of your chi so be careful, we sometimes loose a few exuberant students to the fel.”

  • Channel and release 4 Golden Fel Bolts 0/4
  • Do not die 0/1

[Golden Fel Bolts use 35-50% of your max health and mana but do more damage than a Chaos Bolt. Casting one creates a debuff (Felstruck) absorbing any healing by 50% for a short time but increases the damage of the next Fel Bolt.  Casting 2-3 bolts in succession will kill the caster.]

12. The Third Step…

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