9. The First Step

Finishing the tea ritual, the figure rises. “I am Darkmaster Viu. The others will be waiting to begin your training.”

“Others?” You ask in an uncontrollable outburst between a gasp and a mutter.

Master Viu looks over still walking, “did you think you were some special snowflake. The last or only one? We are few but more seem to question in these exciting times.”

As you exit the crevice, you find where several of the goats stood, now Pandaren silently watch.

“The Shado Pan are not the only Watchers,” Shing Song remarks coyly. “With your permission Master Viu”, she bows and gestures for you to follow her. Turning around, you find the Pandaren appear as goats calmly separating and shadowing you along the hollows.

  • Complete the Tea ritual 0/1
  • Talk to Seedbearer Sing

10. Soul Stepping

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