10. Soul Stepping

As you follow Seedbearer Sing, she takes you to a spot up the ridge in plain view yet out of direct sight. “Positioning is critical to act decisively,” she gestures towards the goats in the field. “You must focus your chi to shape the shadow. Reach out and take hold then…Snap!”

In a moment Sing switches places with a goat in a puff of purplish-gray smoke. A faint thunderclap echoes as if a storm was approaching. “You see? We use chi, theirs and ours to bridge the distance. In time you can even use it as a weapon.”

Looking down, you notice the goat is quite dead. “Don’t worry,” Sing says cheerfully, “that was a real goat. Now you try.”

  • Use Soul Gate on 3 goats 0/3

11. The Second Step

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