7. The Second Gate…

Having gathered the Lantern Blossoms you take a moment to catch your breath – exhilarating! Your pulse still racing from the near death experience you sense you are being watched. Squinting, you see a still form, eyes glittering in the shadow like golden flames.

“Death is a precarious consort: seductive and fickle. You have passed the second gate – sacrifice.”

You take a step closer when the voice calmly speaks from beside you, “Come, we must see whether you possess the fire or you are merely smoke upon the wind.”

You follow through the verdant green branches as they become thicker, almost solid. A small, crumbled opening – very old looking, sits in the side of the hill where it slopes upwards sharply.

“Here… it is easily overlooked as most things of great power should be”, the hooded Pandaren says echoing slightly as he disappears into the dark crevice.

Down a short winding way it opens to a stone clad room. A few lanterns sit flickering full of fireflies bathing it in an eerie yellow green glow.

You lay the lotus offering before him and the lantern blossoms which still glimmer with their own light. “You seek that which the Shado Pan call forbidden – the penalty is death. I wonder why you would risk your life; what do you hope to find down this path?”

“Harmony…” you reply. The word almost echoes in the silence.

The figure stops and eyes you carefully – strange considering you cannot see any natural eye; only the slow, pulsing gout of a flame from each socket as if he was tasting the words with them.

“You could have joined the Shado Pan for that. Hunted down our kind as they have for centuries, ensuring ‘Harmony’. I judge you with your word – what IS harmony?”

“To work together, compliment one an-”

The figure grumbles, “Does ONE voice make harmony? Can ONE come into agreement with ONEself? That is for children and fools. Let us see which you are!” The figure’s hands light up with golden-green fel flame.

  • Survive 0/1

8. The Third Gate…

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