Malak’abim Island: The Psychedelic Jungle

The huge jungle south of the Wonder Works acts as a barrier to all organic life; it was the first of several broad defenses meant to keep the curious and the conquering away. Among the various tropical plants grows a unique species of vine wrenching about the trees and occasionally creeping underground when nutrients are scarce. This vine produces an oily resin which can be picked up by smaller animal’s fur or feathers and distributed by their movements across the island. Contact with the substance produces immediate, acute visual and auditory hallucinations, lethargy, and and altered state of consciousness.

Early in the development of the Wonder Works, it was the goblin tinkermages from the Undermine who bred this vine and paired it with a symbiotic fungal life form. This undoubtedly came from their extensive history working in the jungle and cataloging the properties of various plant and fungal compounds (most likely for explosive research). This combination made the jungle a binary weapon: the vine with ayahuasca-like properties (jungle vine) and a fungal life form with psilocin-like byproducts. The vine’s secretion is augmented from the byproducts of the fungus creating a potent hallucenogenic oil on the surface, not unlike a poison ivy.

While no one ever attempted to invade the Wonder Works, they would be quickly incapacitated unless proper precautions or protections were used. Prolonged exposure would result in death from starvation, thirst, predation by smaller creatures, or accident. For this reason, all stations have meticulously gardened and vegetation free areas along with strict cleansing protocols to avoid accidental contamination – at least the ones properly maintained.

Any herbalist of at least Draenor Master skill or higher can identify the cause of someone afflicted (having passed through both Stranglethorn and Tanaan jungles) assuming that they have not been compromised first. The chemical can be neutralized with base compounds which exist in several sources on the island. which quickly breakdown the chemical into a harmless, non-hallucenogenic form.


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