Ressa Shadeshine

Ressa Shadeshine was part of scouting mission several months before “Cut Short”. The mission was to ascertain Sicco Thermaplugg’s forces and movement within the lower levels of the city. Initially reports were promising and Sicco’s troops seemed concentrated in two areas. The Mekengineer had been monitoring the scouts the entire time and appeared aloof. Ressa’s team was captured after intense fighting. Cut off from the surface, Sicco made her watch as each of her team was exposed to radioactive contamination. Most died slowly begging for death. Some she watched become twisted leper gnomes and incorporated into the enemy’s forces. The last member of her team broke her mind – his agonized, pitiful, maddening cries why the Alliance hadn’t sent anyone to look for them ate away at her sanity. By this time, Sicco had mostly perfected his formula and dosed Ressa. As she tried to hang on the echoing cries rumbled in her mind. Her hatred turned into a twisted affection and callousness towards Sicco. She claims Gnomeregan as her own identifying it being abandoned with herself. She quickly proved her prowess and ruthlessness by systematically eliminating any female leper gnomes that might compete with “her Sicco”.

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