Arcane Prisons…How Do They Work?

Across the Kirin Tor’s journey into the arcane and otherworldly endeavors, we sometimes confront an entity, spirit, or being which is too dangerous to remain unwarded. This is where you, the Warding Magister, come into a crucial role safeguarding the mortals of Azeroth.

Despite the incredible magical capabilities of Dalaran, there are some limitations to a containment facility – namely space. You may also notice the while the Violet Hold is an impressive construct, it seems small for a place housing the Nether’s most dangerous creatures.

The Violet Hold is no mere prison but like everything in Dalaran is a wonder of magical enchantment combining the disciplines of warding, binding, and portal magics. Whereas a mere mortal can be confined by physical obstructions, the magical prisoner is far more capable of escape.


Conceptual Diagram of a basic cell using 8 portal runes and one master binding glyph. All 8 runes are anchored to the glyph in precise order which can expand, collapse, or modify the phasing of portions of the space.

Arcane prisons use a minimum of 8 runes bound to a master 9th rune to create a portal space outside the physical realm. The type and order of the runes defines the particular spatial dimensions and strength of the chamber. Outside this space, the null dimension energies would destroy any being completely being torn apart by incomprehensible primal forces.

The advantages are many: limitless storage, no requirements for food, water, or other physical needs as time does not appear to pass normally in the prison. Magical abilities within the chamber are drained almost instantly preventing escape by force; the magical energy is diffused before the cast can be completed. The runes and wards comprising the structure of the chamber are protected from within and without; no sensible prisoner would tamper with them as it would cause the collapse of the space and sever their connection to the physical world.

One caution – the exact incantational sequence of the runes must not be forgotten as only that combination can open the portal. A missing incantation means an eternal isolation with no hope of recovery or portal collapse resulting in instant death.

Individuals with similar runes (and comparable levels of security) have limited interaction occasionally phasing in an ethereal-like form. Magical spellcasting is disabled but simple conversation is possible.

For additional questions on the topic, please consult the Senior Warding Mage or your Tome on Incarceration, Volume I: Basic Binding for more information.

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