WMV Guide 2.5 Options Menu

The Options Menu is pretty basic:

  • Always show default doodads in WMOs: Leave this checked unless you need to show a bare WMO object. WMOs are very large model files (buildings, towers, vehicles) and usually crash WMV.
  • Settings…
Settings…General Tab

Settings…General Tab

Adjusts display options in the canvas:

  • Show Particle: turns particle effects on for fire, enchants, glowing effects for helmets/shoulders/etc.
  • Zero Particle: assuming this minimizes the amount of particles displayed or turns off particle effects completely.
  • Random Skins: may pull a random skin, if multiples exist, so the first time you load an imp it might be green, another time red, another time grey.
  • Display Items NPC’s IDs in lists: If you need an ID (for looking up in wowhead, etc.) check this

Game Path: Normally the default path is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\

If you have a custom install, you will need to enter it manually. Remember to include the trailing backslash.

Folder to explore for additional files: This is the custom game data folder. Yes, you can create custom skins. There is a tutorial on the subject which basically involves creating a similar folder structure and putting new model skins (e.g.: infernal with tan skins).

Conflict policy: When it finds two items of the same type, which should be the one WMV picks. Usually just leave it with Keep game files.

Apply – remember to click the Apply button with any changes you make here.


Settings…Display Tab

OpenGL Display Mode: Allows you to set the color depth and other rendering features. Usually, the default settings are fine.

Field of View (in degrees): default is 45°

Field of View (or FOV) describes how wide the audience can view from their perspective. The angle of FOV is half to the left or right  so 45° is 22.5° to the left or right. This also affects how the model is rendered and distorted to give the appearance of depth.

qv: https://vr-lens-lab.com/field-of-view-for-virtual-reality-headsets/

Field of View for Humans vs Animals with side facing eyes (like Murlocs and bunnies)

Humans typically see with about 110°-115° FOV. You can experiment to see if you like the perspective.

Additional Options

There are several checkboxes to turn various graphic shaders and renderers on/off. I typically leave these alone but feel free to experiment.



Initial Pose Only Export: For certain 3D programs (Maya, Cinema4d) you may have reason to check this and click Apply.


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