WMV Guide 2.4 Lighting Menu

Lighting is set up using the View…Light Control toolbox. The Lighting menu allows you to load and save specific lighting placements for other uses.

  • Save Lighting: saves the settings on the 4 light objects (positions, target locations, colors, etc.) as a lighting file (.lit).
  • Load Lighting: allows you to load a previously saved lighting configuration file.
  • Render Light Objects: checkbox toggles on/off the visibility of light objects, set as Relative. You can’t drag/drop them so you will still need to set coordinates using the light control toolbox but it can help identify where the light(s) are eminating from on you models.

The next four options affect the quality and complexity of light and shadow on a model.
I’m not an expert when it comes to what these do. True lighting is most likely the most complex and ‘realistic’.

I would expect true and ambient would provide an, indirect, diffused or generic lighting effect. Model lighting would only provide lighting as drawn on the textures themselves and be somewhat dark. Again feel free to drop me a note with your experimentation and I can update the guide. Most of the time, you’re going to rely on lighting effects in a more robust graphics or 3D program.

  • Use true lighting
  • Use dynamic light
  • Use ambient light
  • Model lights only

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