WMV Guide 2.3: Character Menu

The Character Menu is one of the most used menus; it consists of:

  • Load Character

    WMV save a custom XML text file ending in .chr. These files contain the IDs of all settings and equipment for the character as seen in Figure 1:
    A character consists of a character model and custom settings for skin, hair, and other features.

    It also provides equipment slots to outfit armor, weapons, tabards, etc. These can be saved separately as an Equipment (.eq) file.

    If you have already saved a character file, click Character > Load Character and select the file you want.

  • Import Armory Character

    This is probably the MOST important feature since it save a huge amount of time. This feature was broken until version 0.8.5_sslfix for Warlords of Draenor and has been working through the Legion alphas (0.4 Alpha works).

    Characters will have whatever armor they were wearing on the last logout so make sure if you are pulling armory profiles to wear whatever is appropriate.

    You will get a prompt and need to enter an URL from the Armory at worldofwarcraft.com:
    An armory URL follows this convention:

    Where SERVERNAME is the name of the warcraft realm your character is on (use dash instead of a space if your servername has one) and
    CHARACTERNAME is the name of your character. You may notice foreign characters use what is called “HTML Encoding” where characters are replaced with % and a value.

    An example URL would be:

    If your character has transmogs, an alert will notify you that WMV has detected those and will use the transmogs for equipment.

    Once your character is loaded and appears correct, SAVE the character to a file.

  • Save Character

    Simply prompts you to create a character (.chr) file of the current model and settings. It is highly recommended after getting a character just right to save it (you can always overwrite it later if you need to update).

  • Eye Glow

    Turns on/off eye glows for Undead, Death Knight, and elves.

  • Show Underwear

    If you really want to you can turn off the rendering for underwear textures to show your figures au naturale. What you do is your own business, I just write comic books and guides.

  • Show Ears

    Turn on/off ear models, especially useful for helmets where bits of the ear geometry poke through.

  • Show Hair

    Turns on/off hair geometry, especially useful for helmets where bits of the hair geometry poke through.

  • Show Facial Hair

    Turns on/off facial hair/beard geometry, especially useful  where bits poke through.

  • Show Feet

    Show/hide the foot armor texture making it look as though your character is barefoot.

  • Auto Hide Geosets for head items

    If wearing a hat, especially wide brim hats on gnomes causes ears to disappear, UNCHECK this to prevent ears from mistakenly being removed. Another way to resolve this is to re-click the ear geometry on the model control to toggle it back on.

  • Sheathe Weapons

    Puts weapons/shields on back or in hands. Some weapons don’t work very well and wind up projecting from the hips. The only thing you can do is manually assign the XYZ coordinates and rotation of the weapons (discussed later). This is useful on mounts or when your character isn’t ready to kill something.

  • Save Equipment

    All of a characters equipment slots can be saved to a separate (.eq) file. This is especially useful for uniforms where many different characters are wearing the same gear. It is also helpful to categorize different gear for events (winter gear, raid gear, unarmed, casual, no_helm, etc.)

  • Load Equipment

    Locate an equipment (.eq) file and it will replace the current model’s armor, weapons, and tabard with the type specified in the file.

  • Clear Equipment

    Clears the current equipment loadout on the model.

  • Load Item Set

    Allows you to load a complete armor set (such as raiding gear). Choose or search from the dialog box:

  • Load Start Outfit

    You can select a specific class starter outfit (this doesn’t seem to work so well in the Legion build). Pick the class and your model will be outfitted with the same gear a Level 1 class would have.

  • Mount/Dismount

    Allows you to pick any mount in the game for your model. You can filter between Player and Creature models as well as type to find a matching name. Selecting a mount automatically puts the character on the mount in the seated position.

  • Randomise Character

    Randomises the settings for the skin, face, hair color, style, and facial features. Great when you need a quick NPC. Do keep in mind that any race that can be a Death Knight will have half of it’s available face settings/colors for DKs.

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