WMV Guide Part 1: Introduction


WoW Model Viewer is a 3D modeling editor allowing you to view, pose, animate, and export 3D assets from World of Warcraft. It is used in machinima and as a tool to generate images for other digital presentations relating to that gaming universe.


I’m demonstrating two versions because they worked – newer ones may be available. Warlords of Draenor Version is 0.85sslfix and Legion is 0.84 ALPHA 4.

Always keep proper backups of your game, operating system, and hard drive. You agree to hold the author harmless by following this guide, proceed at your own risk.


You will need a legitimate, working copy of World of Warcraft. Download a version of WMV that works from this location: https://wowmodelviewer.net/wordpress/?page_id=27
making sure it’s compatible with the WoW software you have (WoD, Legion).

Once complete, double-click the downloaded file. It will open an installation wizard.
Click “I Agree” for the GNU Public License and proceed to install in the default location.


When you begin, you may be prompted to locate your copy of World of Warcraft. On PCs this is typically in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft.

Load World of Warcraft?

You will be prompted to load World of Warcraft – this loads the assets into the system for use, not to play WoW. Click Yes to continue.


Loading the assets will take several seconds, depending on how fast your computer is. Once the message box disappears, you’re ready to create.


The Interface

I’m going to break up the interface into its windows and then get into specifics for each one.


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