WMV Guide 2.2 View Menu

The Application Menu consists of several drop down menus that handle preferences, file management, and effects. The Applications Menu consists of:

  1. File
  2. View
  3. Character
  4. Lighting
  5. Options
  6. Effects
  7. About

The View Menu manages the model, display characteristics, and toggles the tools windows.

  • View NPC/ItemUsed to view non-player characters or items (such as a sword) from WoW. You can search for the name of the model or import from Wowhead.com. Checkboxes by category can narrow your search by double-clicking to select the specific category (i.e.: Critter).Typing a search term in the Filter box will show match based on what you entered. Searches do not need to be explicit so searching for ‘horn’ will show matches for ‘thorn’. Double-clicking the selection will display it or single-click and press OK.Importing from URL:
    You can search for an NPC from wowhead.com and copy the URL of the page it is located on. Pasting that URL and clicking Import should display the model correctly.


  • Show file list
    Displays the file list of models from the WoW database. You can choose to filter what objects appear in the list by typing in the box at the top of the window. This will display all matching object names.Pressing clear resets the filter to show all items.You can select the object type at the bottom however they may not display or simply crash WMV. Typically WMV displays Model (*.m2) files fine.
  • Show animation control
    The animation control consists of a basic view and expanded animation view. The expanded animation view is activated when Lock Animations is unchecked. You will be able to set poses for Body, Torso, and Head separately with varying results.Basic Animation Controls


The Base Animation dropdown is the first box which shows a description of the animation and an ID number.

The skin dropdown allows you to choose from several texture variations (if applicable) for the model. Some textures are light reflections and other effects maps.

The next three controls do not appear to do anything; at one time they were used to add multiple animations in a chain (up to 10, numbered 0-9). The Add button allowed you to add the selected animation to the chain. The Next Animations checkbox function is not known. Again, these do not appear to be working at this time.

Animation Player Controls:
Play – plays the animation
Pause – holds the animation at the current frame
Stop – Halts the animation
Clear – Might have cleared sequences of animation; not sure
<< – Rewind – scrubs back several frames
>> – Forward – scrubs forward several frames

Auto Animate: When checked, selecting an animation will immediately play the animation
Lock Animations: Opens animation controls for Torso and Head movement/poses

Frame slider: Allows you to slide/scrub to a specific frame position in an animation. Essentially a fine-tune control for capturing a movement or expression.

Speed: Changes the speed the animation plays at.

  • Show character controlModel Customization Controls: Sets the various custom options for a model. Incompatible choices will show a 1/0 and if selected will crash WMV. The Randomise button scrambled the various choices using RNG.Equipment allows you to pick gear, weapons, and tabards from the game, including some that are NYI (Not Yet Implemented) or not available to players. Clicking a slot will open a search menu that allows you to filter by armor/weapon type and matching search term.You can recolor weapons/armor IF they have a dropdown box next to them (usually 0-3 for LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic grade).Tabard controls are similar to the control in game.It is highly advisable to export a suit of armor/gear as an eqiupment file if you plan on using a character in different environments (think of it as a xmog file set).Mounts permit the character model to appear on a mount of choice.
  • Show light control: Reveals the light control box. You can have 4 separate lighting effects (colors). A Light object can be one of 3 styles of light: Position, Spot, or Directional.
    Position: More general lighting, less about where the light is located
    Spot: Very localized (like a torch or candle light)
    Direction: Large light source affected by location more than Position
    Lights have 3 characteristics:Ambience: Shadows color
    Diffuse: Color of exposed surfaces (non shadow/edges)
    Specular: Color of intense reflections such as metal/glassAn example of how Ambience and Shadows affect a model are:You can see the blue ambience in what would fall under shadows, green over more prominent exposed surfaces, and reflective/shiny surfaces (the top edge of the axe) in red.You can experiment with positioning in an XYZ coordinate and aim the light at another position, namely the XYZ position of your model.

    To see your lights, make sure Relative is checked, then check the box under the Lighting menu… Render Light Objects to see the light. The light objects take whatever color you chose for Diffuse lighting.


A rendered light object will look like a big circle or similar object (no that’s not his balloon).

  • Show model controlAllows you  to control the positioning and rotation of a model in X, Y, Z axes:

    The X-Axis rotates the model as if it’s doing a cartwheel

    The Y-Axis rotates the model as if it was an ice skater twirling around

    The Z-Axis rotates the model as if it was rolling backwards in a somersault

  • Show model bankThe model bank can store camera positions/angles of a given model. Store a camera position by typing a name like ‘CameraOne’ and click Add. You’ll see it appear in the list. Change angles, distance, etc. and type another name, ‘CameraTwo’ and click add. Now click ‘CameraOne in the list and click Display. This can be useful if there are several angles/shots you want to revisit or adjust.
  • Background color…
    Used primarily for chroma keying or “bluescreen/greenscreen” effects. Ideally, the model should have none of the color of the background so you can easily remove it with a graphics program.Use bluescreen – a background color of Red 0, Green 0, Blue 255 on orcs, goblins, and trolls who have green shading. Greenscreen color of Red 0, Green 255, Blue 0 on any others. Use your best judgement if armor have strong blues and greens.NOTE ON GLOWS, SPELL EFFECTS, FIRE, PORTALS, ETC.:Use a black background and using Gimp/Photoshop, set the blending mode to Screen. This will knock out the dark background and let the luminous glow appear naturally in your image (you might have to play with the levels a bit to get it just right).
  • Load BackgroundYou can add an image (photo) background. I personally like to do that in a graphics program but you might prefer to do it all in WMV. Click Load Background… and select the image.If you want to remove the background image, just Load Background… again and it toggles off.This is useful when you are trying to position two or more characters to appear to face each other. You can load a previously screenshot character as a background, adjust the current character, then Load Background again to remove the background image.
  • Skybox
    Loads special effects from World of Warcraft sky graphics such as Aurorae, and different sky art from zones around Azeroth.An example using Ice Crown Sky.m2
  • Show Grid
    Helps align perspective by showing a black and white checkered floor.
  • Show Mask
    Shows the model as a white silhouette against a black background.
  • Camera…Changes the camera view in the canvas to some default positions. They are somewhat useful.
  • Set Canvas Size…Sets the canvas size to a specific resolution or aspect (height to width). I usually manage that when saving a sized screenshot unless your canvas resolution is big enough to suit your needs (such as avatar and portrait views).

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