WMV Guide 2.1: File Menu

The Application Menu consists of several drop down menus that handle preferences, file management, and effects. The Applications Menu consists of:

  1. File
  2. View
  3. Character
  4. Lighting
  5. Options
  6. Effects
  7. About

File Menu:

  • Load World of Warcraft

    If greyed out, it means the WoW database has already been read. Selecting this will load all of the model files for use in WMV.

  • View Log

    Displays a text log of technical info; mostly useful for debugging or tracking down an error in WMV. For 99.9% of people, you can ignore this.

  • Save Screenshot [F12]

    One of the most used features. This will create an image file with the Canvas’ current resolution (displayed in the lower right corner). You can resize the canvas to get an image as large as your display will permit. Larger sizes can be managed through Save Sized Screenshot.


    Save Sized Screenshot [CTRL+S]

    Permits custom resolutions up to the maximum your graphics driver or image format will permit. For print results, assume 300 / inch so if you want a 4 x 6 print of your character, you want a minimum canvas resolution of 1200 x 1800 pixels.

    Two prompts will pop up – first the location and filename. Keep a consistent place for your work or create a New Folder by right-clicking in some blank space, select New Folder, and give it a meaningful name.

    The second prompt is very important: you want to check Lock Aspect if it is unchecked or your picture will be distorted. Then select the width or height you need, the other dimension will change automatically. Also make sure your subject is as large as you need it to fit in the Canvas.

    Click Save

    The file will be saved in the last place you saved a file.

  • GIF/Sequence Export

    This will export an animation as an animated .gif file. You will get a prompt:
    Total Frames: Typically the speed is 30 frames per second so a default value of 40 is 1.33 seconds of animation.Transparency: Check if you want a solid background color to be invisible

    Greyscale: Will remove color and only show shades of grey.

    PNG Sequence: Animated PNG file format

    Error Diffusion: Can help image be less grainy in some cases

    Resize: Checking activates the custom size (since you may not want a 3000×3000 pixel gif)

    Size Dimensions: NOTE – This is not aspect locked so you will need to use a calculator to determine any smaller sizes

    GIF Frame Delay: makes each frame last longer by x seconds so if the Frame Delay was 5s for a 40 frame animation it would be a 200 second animation (and slow).

  • Export AVI

    Similar to the Export GIF except it will be in AVI video format (and the file will be larger). This is good for use in video editing software and splicing clips of animations together for machinima and other projects. After choosing the location and filename, you will be prompted for AVI specific information.

    Choose the Compressor dropdown and select the video codec you need. If you’re not sure, leave it on Full Frames (Uncompressed). Leave everything else alone unless you know what the respective options do.


  • Export Model
    This is used for porting 3D models to other 3D editing software like Maya, Blender, Unity, etc.

    In my experience OBJ works for many of them but check your software or modelling guides for what they recommend.

    Blender 3D: Blender usually recommends OBJ which will give you a 3d model file (geometry/shape) and a materials file (.mtx) which includes the skin/textures. Most often, the rigging/bones will need to be adjusted or redone from scratch. All of this is outside the scope of this guide.

  • Reset Layout
    Selecting this will return your view to the original Default configuration. This can be useful if a window has gone missing or some other glitch has you confounded.


    Quits the application.





2 thoughts on “WMV Guide 2.1: File Menu

  1. siccothermaplugg says:

    I can’t export gifs or AVI anymore. I get an error telling me I need FrameBufferObject or PixelBufferObject extensions for my graphics card. (My laptop does not even have a ‘real’ graphics card.) 😦

    • Grim says:

      It may be an outdated driver (those are OpenGL errors) – you might want to check if there any any newer drivers for your videocard/chipset from Windows Update or the manufacturer.

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