Who is Songhammer


{NOTE: The following represents my own attempt at integrating Songhammer into the Ironwolf Clan Universe and the story for The Wonder Works. It is not an official representation of Songhammer’s role in the Official Warcraft Universe.}

Up to the Third War the people of Kul Tiras were united in their hatred of the Horde. But Jaina’s assistance to support Thrall and the loss of their beloved Grand Admiral impacted the rising generation of youth.

A Generation Divided…
Some viewed Jaina a traitor while others began to question and even embrace her decisions as part of their heritage of freedom and making good judgements. This was not received well by the older generation, those who sacrificed much in the Second and Third War.

Many youths took out their frustration through expression in their crafts, especially magic. A nascent mage (and shaman?) discipline called psallomancy, magic through song and music, resonated strongly with the youth of Kul Tiras. A small band of psallomancers, Songhammer, travelled to understand Jaina’s decision to support Thrall. They adventured and explored out from Theramore into parts of Durotar and the Barrens where two rising young commanders – Guldanna & Rallys were drawn to their magical music. Their exchanges with them and other figures taught them about the values the Horde cherished and how Jaina could give aid to them.

In Legion
Khadgar sought out Songhammer as a means to improve relations between the Alliance and Horde in the wake of the Divine Bell incident. Opinion against the Horde continued to smolder with the attempted coup* in Orgrimmar that almost started a Fourth War.

Songhammer was located fighting on the island of Tol Barad – once a source of constant contention between the two factions. The Alliance and Horde forces were caught unprepared for the demonic invasion; several believe the island was envisioned as a reserve staging ground for movements into Westfall and Stormwind. For Songhammer, it was a chance to reclaim what was part of their homelands (Kul Tiras), show genuine support for the Alliance, and demonstrate honor and strength with the Horde.

They were invited to perform in Dalaran while it hovered over Deadwind Pass in the face of Legion assaults. The concert almost caused the opposite effect when elements of the Alliance used the concert as a means to capture a suspected murderer in the Horde**.

However, this turned out to expose a sinister plot that led to the Horde and Alliance working together to stop it. Their combined success working together was one of several events that helped form the combined Broken Shore effort.

* This refers to events in Shadow of the Legion comic book
** These events are depicted in the Wonder Works comic book

While not specifically metal, a lot of rock influence came from a shared source of change in culture as well as an outlet for expressing frustration. I cite a helpful reference into some of the influences that created Metal and looked to the Warcraft Universe for similar patterns. Not surprisingly, the Kul Tirans seemed a good fit for several reasons: prosperous culture that was facing harder, uncertain times, generational clash, etc.


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