Sal Sparkle

Sal Sparkle was a grade 2 Tinkermage in the Wonder Works but everyone on Kezan knew him as Sal – owner of the Laundromat, a strange business harnessing the power of elementals to clean laundry for a few gold pieces.

Much of his work kept him away from his wife and family, including his son later to be known as Grim. Sal’s brother Tizzo worked in the Kezan Merchant Navy exploiting natural and magical resources under the sea and fighting off the Gilblin menace. He often coordinated with him indirectly but always careful not to share anything sensitive. His brother assumed he was opening up new franchises throughout the islands of the South Seas.

One fateful day, while working in the elemental lab on an experimental battle module, the research lab he worked at came under attack.The ground rumbled and walls shuddered; he had just detached the crystalline artifact recovered from Mauradon a few years back when he could see troggs pouring into the lower access bays.

Sal decided it was time to take an unscheduled vacation and promptly put the crystal and his miniature mechanical hula dancer in a satchel and escaped in all the chaos. He put a few things aside for his son’s acceptance by Evol “Fingers” as a warlock to pay off a debt. He planned to be back in time to tell him how proud he was and wrote down some good advice he learned from one of the lab engineers. But now that he was home, he figured he’d take a quick trip hiking up Mount Kajaro to clear his head — the day of the Cataclysm.

It is very unlikely he survived the eruption…

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