Sicco Thermaplugg

Sicco Thermaplugg refining rocket fuel (Wonder Works p 159)

Cut Short but not Cut Off

Sicco Thermaplugg – very much alive but not kicking since he lost his legs after a failed encounter with Gelbin Mekkatorque.

Sicco was encouraged covertly to lay a trap for Gelbin with information passed to him by Gearlord. Rebo had intended that Sicco would kill Gelbin and Gelbin’s elite troops, the G-team, would dispose of Sicco leaving a power vacuum. A vacuum Rebo intended to manage either with a compliant figurehead or a G.I.B. Operative.

When Gelbin emerged, Sicco was presumed a casualty. He survived due to an improved battlesuit – acquired either by the Undermine, Gearlord, or someplace else.  Sicco had acquired a limited ability to manipulate Troggs. A recovered engineer’s journal, attributed the the Wonder Works, mentioned an experimental control module failing spectacularly and causing a host of elementals to run rampant. (Further information from the story is obscured by dirt and blood stains.) Determined to be a king over something, Sicco imposed his will using the augmented module, and the radiated troggs carried him below deeper into Azeroth and his own madness.

digging for revenge

He studied the workings of the control module, powered by a strange combination of rare elements, magic, and eternium alloys. He needed more eternium to augment the modules power and detected a huge anomaly – a massive molten eternium deposit.

He tinkered with this volatile form of eternium and successfully made a potent explosive from it but it lacked a delivery mechanism. Sicco began plans for a massive rocket to be launched on every major city, even Ironforge, capable of  “an explosion so powerful it could bring the mountain down on their rock-filled heads.”

There were rumors of lost places dripping with technology and magic of such nature and more…Mechagon, but that was a fairy tale, and the Wonder Works. Eternium was mentioned with some of the tales he had heard of the Wonder Works…gloriously delicious whispers of mechanicals, rockets, and explosives – all without hindrances like… quality control and safety reviews.

The Wonder Works

He directed his troggs to sniff out the minerals and after some time, they picked up a faint trail leading to an atoll north of the islands where he found an abandoned base. Sicco had discovered the Wonder Works was not a myth after all.

He pushed his troggs at tremendous cost due to the automated defenses and strange, natural hazards surrounding the northern part of the island. His instruments indicated a concentration of eternium nearby to the south.

Sicco’s gains were not without cost. His near constant use of the control module to bend the troggs had imperceptably damaged it. As his forces breached the outer facility, the module fizzled and suddenly his army broke into chaos.

A few remained under his control and he retreated towards the large keep, and found to his delight, an unlaunched rocket and refinement equipment. His remaining troggs gathered the eternium and refined it into fuel, dying one by one from contamination until Sicco was alone to process the materials.

Commandeering the facilty’s transmutation and fabrication mechanical, he synthesized enough fuel to test launch the existing rocket and possibly prepare a second.


Sicco’s plans to launch a rocket were spoiled by a group of heroes. The rocket was destroyed but Sicco escaped once more pushing further into the seas with a group of mercenary pirates. They landed on the rusty shores of a strange island.


Sicco graciously offered up the pirates as mechanical scrapbot fodder while introducing himself to King Mechagon as a sympathetic ally.

In exchange for some repairs, he offered to share his knowledge of rocketry and the explosive eternium isotope. Sicco’s research proved invaluable to his own idea of launching a rocket to remove the curse of flesh from Azeroth. He upgraded Sicco’s malfunctioning battlesuit and provided him with a small group of mechanicals to oversee completion of the project.

Sicco met his true end at the hands of Gnomeregan Forever, aided by Kelsey Steelspark and her agents from Gnomeregan Security. During the effort to save King Gelbin and restore power to his life support pod, they found Sicco’s lab and were able to bring him to justice.


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