Sicco Thermaplugg

The second major boss to be faced in the Wonder Works. Sicco Thermaplugg – very much alive but not kicking since he lost his legs after a failed encounter with Gelbin Mekkatorque.

Sicco was encouraged covertly to lay a trap for Gelbin with information passed to him by Gearlord. Rebo had intended that Sicco would kill Gelbin and Gelbin’s elite troops, the G-team, would dispose of Sicco leaving a power vacuum. A vacuum Rebo intended to manage either with a compliant figurehead or a G.I.B. Operative.

When Gelbin emerged, Sicco was presumed a casualty. But he survived due to an improved battlesuit – provided by the Undermine. Unknown to Rebo and Gearlord, one of the very few things, Sicco had acquired a limited ability to manipulate Troggs. An experimental elemental control module was accidentally installed in his battlesuit instead of the prototype suit at the Wonder Works – leading to a minor field disaster when testing on hostile earth elementals. Demanding the Troggs regard him as their king, they did his bidding carrying him below deeper into Azeroth and his own madness.

He studied the workings of the control module, powered by a strange combination of rare elements, magic, and eternium alloys. He needed more eternium to augment the modules power and detected a huge anomaly – a massive molten eternium deposit.

Upon tunneling to an atoll north of the islands, he saw a gnome-goblin base. He felt betrayed (again) not having been made aware of this in his dealings by either side and promptly began an attack on the northeastern part of the island. This was at the same time the mechanicals staged a desperate counter-strike on the Western island obliterating the airfield and submarine base.

Pushing his hordes of Troggs south they quickly killed any staff that couldn’t escape or lockdown the facility. The mechanicals were sealed off by the island geography and the unstable flow of molten eternium.

Sicco has had limited progress controlling the fairgrounds of the Wonder Works. The strange confluence of key lines and rarer elements interferes with the elemental control module. His army of Troggs has splintered and now finds himself trying to hold what he has captured.

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