The Story So Far…

  • Gil preps the stone under arcane lock and meets Rebo, an agent of Gearlord.
  • Gil hints at discovering the whereabouts of an artifact.
  • Rebo warns him to turn it over and rejoining isn’t an option.
  • Spurned, Gil mentions the artifact to Madam Goya whom he expects would sell it on the black market to take the risk and make himself a profit.
  • Goya sends for Xiaoyin who uses Goya as one of his many agents for signs of secrets revealed by the Wonder Works and his own agenda.
  • Grim decides to check on the items’ progress. Gill stalls and says he’ll need additional time. He assures Grim if anything goes wrong, he’ll be compensated [which is Gil’s plan to sell the item and pay ‘insurance’ to Grim]
  • Gil gives Grim a receipt and pick up date. As he leaves, going down steps, Xiaoyin notices him and ‘accidentally bumps into him, knocking him down.
  • Xiaoyin humbly apologizes and offers to help Grim with his spilled possessions that scattered. Quietly, Xiaoyin pilfers the script given from Gil.
  • Gil uses a stolen Rainbow Access card to return to the Wonder Works and steal paperwork he had and a second Rainbow Access card for another trip ‘just in case I need something big’. He narrowly escapes a group of Troggalos.
  • He sees the time and hastily assembles his things, knocking over several folders and a rainbow card behind his desk. 
  • Thinking he has everything he comes into the shop only to find Xiaoyin…
  • Xiaoyin enters the toy store and has his disciples create a soundproof illusion (Mass Stealth — it’s still pre-Legion) over the door.
  • The murder shakes Dalran and Khadgar is questioned by Jaina. She is convinced the Horde is behind it and tells Khadgar no more Horde working closely with the council.
  • The Kirin Tor investigate and seal off the building. Priz comes to find out during her mail run and cries to Pommie who is doing a lecture on the fine art of pet battles.
  • Pommie leaves her lecture and tells Priz to get to the Alliance quarter just in case. She suits up and sneaks in.
  • The murder scene is horrific with Gil’s remains still splattered on the wall. The once bright toy shop is scorched and dark.
  • Digging around the back, she sees the rainbow card and the papers with it and pilfers them. Heading back towards the murder scene, she sees the scrip of paper and takes/leaves it.
  • Teaser page 01 – Pommie talks to Priz ‘I know an artist when I see one’
  • Teaser Page 02 – Toxwell enlists Karcsi (Lomanic’s bounty hunter) to help track him.
  • Pommie enlists a nightstalker worgen to make inquiries in the Underbelly and check for Grim’s whereabouts at night.
  • Pommie connects with Toxwell and Forbidra and gives a briefing of what she’s found (except the card).
  • Forbidra offers the services of three? other gnomes in her guild to avenge Gil.
  • As the meeting finishes, one of Xiaoyin’s disciples serves tea and excuses himself.
  • Xiaoyin’s disciple reports what G4 is in possession of. Xiaoyin is not concerned, saying “you must let chaos ferment like a fine rice wine. Only when aged properly, is it truly potent”.
  • Karcsi is given the card with the IWC logo by Toxwell and begins scouting Dalaran when he spots a tabard of some IWC members arriving. He follows them and uses camoflague to follow them into the Horde quarter.
  • He takes a vantage point and locates Grim in the courtyard still hemming about being thrown as a weapon (goblin tossing) as ‘demeaning’. As he’s about to take the shot, Karcsi is disturbed by Poco, Dojuwa’s/hunter pet bird who quietly get closer to him and begins to make noise (wanting a snack).

Still developing this part…

  • Karcsi, tries to shoo the bird and has to flee the Horde Quarter for his life causing further disturbance in Dalaran.
  • Barely escaping, the Kirin Tor investigate concerned that the Horde are a threat to peace and safety.
  • Stewymister tries to settle things down as a Pandaren sips his tea from a street vendor smiling at the chaos.
  • As he assures the Kirin Tor, he mentions that the music festival will be a perfect example of how well behaved the Horde can be and there is nothing to worry about.
  • Karcsi informs Pommie that the target may be either at the concert or unguarded in the quarters and an assassination could take place there.
  • Krok and Larockz examine the scene where Karcsi was and realize there was an attempted assassination. Concerned, they address it to Stewy who advises the guild to be on guard and to show restraint, especially when it comes to the Alliance in Dalaran.
  • Stewy mentions that the Order of Justice will be representing the Sunwalkers as the Horde side of security over the night. The Alliance and Kirin Tor will also have forces but it is a show of goodwill and honor.
  • Guldanna & Rallys meet with the members of SongHammer, a group of Psallomancer mages performing a concert of their skill and craft to celebrate to reopening of Dalaran to the Horde. Although human, they fully espouse the values of the Horde.
  • As the SongHammer concert begins, assassins from both sides converge…

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