What is Gearlord?

The mention of Gearlord is hardly whispered without concern in gnomish and dwarven circles. It is a subject considered the purview of conspiracy theorists, crackpots, and washed up mana addicts. No serious student of the arcane or mechanical disciplines engages in such folktales.

What IS known is mostly scraps of rumors, storied inventions and fantastic projects amongst engineers and spellworkers alike. Gearlord had the most innovative tinkerers especially versed in blending mechanical with arcane and elemental arts. It was believed to have died out many years ago with their primary research factory destroyed in an ‘anomalous glitch’ (engineer for catastrophic explosion).

Those who dare mention Gearlord are viewed with a combination of suspicion and contempt. And while it remains a fantasy, the occasional curious adventurer has met an equally curious disappearance or fate in the pursuit of such fiction.

Of recent note were a pair of engineers, Zotto and Frix, last seen at the Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedway Barge. They were working on an imaginative engine powered by elementals to propel ships across the ocean. Some jealous engineers suggested that they were attempting to finish an incomplete Gearlord project; most likely soured at losing to some of their competitions. Shortly afterwards, their experiment suffered an anomalous glitch and their remains, and their would be accusers, took several weeks to locate and assemble for burial.

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